3 Ways to Import from China in Wholesale

Posted by Dashflatpoker on February 15th, 2021

Come and see what the best ways to import from China wholesale are.

 Whoever is looking to set up a retail enterprise, or even a wholesaler, with products imported from China must be prepared to deal with international trade.

 Preparation in this type of market performance is important, as any mistake can cost the entrepreneur's pocket a lot and put the entire enterprise at risk.

 Today's article will provide information on some ways to import from China in bulk.

 Tips can serve as a basis for making a choice, but you need to adapt the performance of your business to the needs it has.

 1. Import by trading

 Making imports through trading is one of the most suitable ways for those who do not want to work with bureaucratic import and transport processes.

 This is due to the fact that the trading company does all the follow-up service from the moment of purchase until the delivery of the goods in China.

 About this being a good method of shopping, there are those who indicate and there are those who abhor it.

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It is necessary to do more in-depth research on the topic of trading in the Chinese market.

 2. Resell without stock

 This is not necessarily a way to import wholesale, but it is a way to work without using stock in the domestic market.

 This method is done through dropship, where the entrepreneur can connect his website to a supplier and he does all the work of sending the products.

 You will be able to purchase merchandise at wholesale (lower) prices and resell at higher prices, without having to worry about deliveries.

 This is a model that can be used very well by websites, but it also has its disadvantages.

 Wholesale prices may be higher, as dropship is already an intermediary. This can lead to a big price increase for the final consumer, something that can hinder sales results.

 Another issue is the delay in delivery, because without stock the product will have to come from China and joining all the processes the delay can be on average 30 to 50 days.

 3. Import directly from the factory

 This method is usually linked to more experienced entrepreneurs in the international market.

 Buying directly from the factory requires certain operating costs, although it is often the cheapest option compared to the others mentioned here.

 To import directly from the factory, it is necessary to have planning with loading, stock, and negotiation with producers.

 The advantages are the reduced prices and better relationship with the manufacturer itself, the latter being a factor that helps in possible failures that may happen.

 As for the disadvantages of this method, it is that everything will be in the hands of the entrepreneur and whoever else he trusts for management positions.

 Import processes, negotiations with carriers and many other factors must be very well fitted so that no failure occurs until the product arrives at the home of the final consumer.

 This is the big difference from the direct import from China for the use of trading companies.

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