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Posted by FORDíS Plumbing & Heating on February 15th, 2021

Plumbing issues come in various types of shapes and sizes. They can be an unavoidable part of owning a home. Some plumbing problems come with normal wear and tear on equipment or aging fixtures, while others can be caused due to the way plumbing systems are used and maintained. From a simple dripping faucet to a major pipe leak, plumbing can cause severe damage to a property and can cost a lot, due to low maintenance. It is always better to consult an expert like plumbers in Los Angeles to solve the plumbing issue quickly and at affordable rates.

Plumbing issues can spring up anytime. Unchecked problems related to plumbing can hurt your wallet and trouble you in many ways. As a home age, it is natural to face plumbing problems like a slow drain, dripping faucet, etc. but some issues are such that come with potential dangers and need an expert plumber to resolve them satisfactorily. When you are aware of the common problems of plumbing, it helps you know when to call an expert and when to grab the tool belt. Here is the list of some common plumbing problems:-

Running or toilet:-

Running a toilet is one of the biggest plumbing problems with many of us are familiar with. A running toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water per day. It can be due to wrong sized flapper chains, corroded toilet handles, the problem with refill tubes, etc. It is not always easy to detect a running toilet. Such a problem generally results when there is a fault in the toilet tank or the bowl, used by the flapper valve for controlling the water.

Leaky pipes and faucets:-

Leaking pipes and faucets are common plumbing problems in houses and apartments. They can cause severe damage if the problem is not caught immediately. They can be caused due to pipe corrosion, stubborn clogs, pipe joint damage, incorrect laying of pipe,   excessive pressure of water, and cracked seals or pipes. It is easy to spot leaking faucets as the water drips out of the faucet physically, even when the faucet is in the off position. Even you can also hear the drips usually if you are not in the room. Such problems are just a waste of money and a nuisance.

Clogged drain:-

The clog of hair and soap generally becomes the main reason behind the slow draining bathroom sinks. When hair forms a blob with shampoo or conditioner, they flush to the sink or drain and clogs them. Slow drains or multiple clogs are a sign that you may be having sewer line problems. Sometimes, vinegar and baking soda can dissolve the clog too, but it is better to consult an expert if the problem is getting worse or is multiple. You can also use drain guards for catching the hair.

Low water pressure:-

Many of us complain about the problem of having low water pressure. Such a problem is generally at the sink faucet. Low water pressure is a problem often found in older homes. Leaking, broken, or corroded pipes are some of the main reasons behind this plumbing problem.

Water heater problem:-

Hot water is a necessity in almost every home. A water heater generally lasts for 8-13 years, however, if they are not taken proper care of, that can be cut short. Discolored water, puddles of water, noises from the heater, and dripping water, are some common signs that there is a problem with the water heater. Mineral deposits and leakage, also cause problems in water heaters.

Slow draining sink:-

When a blockage restricts the water flow, it results in a slow draining sink. It is common that the kitchen sink drain contains things such as food remnants and congealed fat. To get the smooth drain flowing again, it is important to clean out the debris. You can consult experts for your plumbing services in Los Angeles, to help you get rid of your plumbing problem. You can also try to clean the blocked sink with chemical drain cleaners, but it is better to consult an expert as sometimes chemicals also destroy the sink pipes and faucets. All the above issues can be easily fixed or prevented before they become a major issue.

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