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Posted by Fallon Sun on February 15th, 2021

The latest Certification Guide for network engineer certification Cisco series certification certification authority: Cisco Systems, Inc., is a world leading manufacturer of Intranet and Internet. Cisco's software and hardware products have great versatility, so that people can access information at any time, any place, through any type of computer system. Certificate category ■ Cisco Certified Network Engineer Association, CCNA) certification introduction: the certification can prove that the holder has mastered the basic knowledge of network, can use the LAN and WAN interface to install and configure Cisco router, switch and simple LAN and WAN, provide primary troubleshooting service, and improve network performance and security. Test content: mainly for Cisco network device interconnection (ICND). Test questions: multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks. Certification difficulty: ■ Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification introduction: CCNP is an intermediate certification in Cisco certification system, which can prove that the holder can use complex protocols and technologies to install, configure and operate the network, and has the ability of diagnosis and troubleshootingFailure ability. Examination content: involved in the construction of Cisco extensible network (BSCI), Cisco multi-layer interactive network (BCMSN), Cisco Remote Access Network (bcran) and Cisco network diagnosis (CIT). Test questions: multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks. Certification difficulty: ■ Cisco Certified Internet expert (CCIE) certification introduction: CCIE is the highest level of certification in Cisco certification system, and also one of the top it certification in the industry. CCIE can prove that the holder can skillfully install, configure, operate and diagnose complex routing LAN, routing Wan, switched LAN and ATM Lane networks and dial-up access services; diagnose and solve network faults; use packet / frame analysis and Cisco debugging tools, etc. Examination content: it includes two parts: written examination and experimental examination. The written examination subject is "CCIE 350-001 for routing switching". Test questions: multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, experimental operation questions. The difficulty of authentication is: Cisco website: . Microsoft Certification Authority: Microsoft is the "Big Mac" in the world's personal and business computer software industry, providing services for usersFor a wide range of products and services. Certificate category ■ Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) Introduction to certification: MCSA is for those who use Microsoft Windows 2003 and Windows.NET Server platform environment, the existing network and system implementation, management, troubleshooting and other work professionals designed. Examination content: mainly involved in the management and maintenance of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 environment and network architecture; installation, configuration and management of Microsoft Windows 2000 professional; installation, configuration and management of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition. Question type: multiple choice questions. Certification difficulty: ■ Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) certification introduction: MCSE is one of the most widely recognized it certification in the industry, which can prove that the holder is advanced in the design, implementation and management of most of the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers Necessary skills in Windows operating system and Microsoft server products. Test content: add three tests on the basis of MCSA, mainly including the design, implementation and maintenance of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Architecture and active directory architecture. Question type: multiple choice questions. The difficulty of certification is: Microsoft website: . Red hat series certification certification authority: red hat has grown up because of "open source", and now it has become the largest supplier of Linux software products. Red hat's certification matches the different learning needs of products and learners, from shallow to deep, and the certificate is generally recognized by global IT enterprises. Certificate category ■ Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) certification introduction: the biggest feature of RHCE certification is to emphasize the practical operation ability of candidates, that is, to require candidates to install, configure, debug and set various network environments completely according to the really necessary network services on Red Hat Linux platform. Examination content: it consists of three parts: repair of 2-4 systems, 50 multiple-choice questions, and installation and configuration of the designated system. Test questions: multiple choice questions, experimentsOperation topic. Certification difficulty: {{{{ br > website: . Huawei series certification authority: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. specializes in the research, development, production and sales of communication network technology and products. It is one of the main suppliers in China's telecom market. It is currently focusing on 3G, optical network, data communication and other fields, and hopes to become a global leader in these fields through continuous investment and efforts First. Certificate category ■ Huawei Certified Senior Network HCSE is mainly set up for professionals engaged in the configuration, maintenance and scheme design of large and medium-sized campus network, covering all aspects of routing, switching, access, VPN, VoIP, QoS, etc. knowledge and technology required for the deployment of campus network and actual equipment configuration and maintenance. Examination content: including the construction of enterprise routing network, the construction of enterprise switching network, enterprise network design. Certification question type: multiple choice questions. Difficulty of authentication: {{{ official website of Huawei: . Novell series certification certification body: Novell is also a "big shot" in the global IT industry. It is estimated that there are about 55 million people and 3 million sets in the worldNovell workstation networking. Novell's can, CNE, mastercne and CIP certification are highly authoritative in the industry. Certificate category ■ certified Novell Administration, CNA) certification brief introduction: cna certification is mainly aimed at network managers, proving that the holder can provide personalized on-site management technical support for NetWare and GroupWise users, including professional companies, small enterprises, working groups, departments and company information service departments. Examination content: mainly netware5 system management. Question type: multiple choice questions. Certification difficulty: ∪∪∪∪ ■ certified Novell Engineer (CNE) Introduction to certification: certification is mainly aimed at technical personnel who help solve the company's internal network management problems and advanced technical problems. It is proved that the certificate holder is competent in designing network interconnection by using TCP / IP protocol, distributing upgrade software to servers and clients, designing, analyzing and integrating a Novell directory service, etc. Examination content: including six courses of nw4.11 management, advanced system management, installation and configuration, design and implementation, building intranet with nw4.11 and network technology. Examination questionsMultiple choice questions. Certification difficulty: ∪∪∪ CCNA dumps

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