5 Best New Bespoke Software Development Trends in 2014

Posted by PriyankPanchal on January 22nd, 2015

Like everything else in business and technology, software development, application support, and related aspects of business development continue to progress towards increased productivity, greater complexity, and better outcomes, all while maintaining reduced costs. The market also demands greater transparency in terms of the development process, giving consumers and stakeholders greater involvement during software development. The following are new and continuing trends that dictate the direction of custom software development in different business and market settings:

Off-shore bespoke software development and technical support will be an even more widespread practice as more businesses embrace the advantages of its significant cost differentials. India will continue to be a major off-shore location and more will rise as the outsourcing industry matures over the next years. Off-shoring allows on-time delivery of software requirements while maintaining quality and budget-bounds. Factors like cultural issues, language barriers and time differences will always be present, but to a lesser extent as more businesses become more globally competitive. Difficulties in overcoming security, regulatory, and legal barriers of the off-shoring process are still to be expected, especially in financial and medical-related businesses.

Businesses who can't overcome off-shoring challenges may consider re-shoring or near-shoring approaches, which brings software development closer to home, thus breaking cultural, language, time, and regulatory barriers.

More consumer-centric and comprehensive design specifications ensure technical solutions that offer better fit for the purpose and goals of the business at a much lower cost. Firms are also becoming more capable to take in larger scale projects as they expand their expertise across the software, application, and program spectrum and use more modern methodologies to provide greater flexibility to clients.

End-to-end services will be the standard for software developers, ranging from requirements-gathering to systems architecture and design, actual software development, quality testing, roll-out and deployment, project management, and support and maintenance. Software programs and applications built upon existing systems or third party products will be better suited for seamless collaboration.

Firms will also have more extensive experience in analyzing the needs of client businesses, helping them create better software solutions that apply to a huge variety of business sectors. This ensures flexibility as they gain better expertise across different technologies and business disciplines. Having bespoke software made specifically for your business operations is the most practical way to ensure business success and gain edge over your industry.

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This article is written by Priyank Panchal who is head of development at Schnell Solutions Limited.  He leads several teams of multi-skilled software developers which work with Schnell's customer around the globe on their IT transformation and modernization initiatives including bespoke software applications.  He is also responsible for various services offered by Schnell viz. Bespoke Software Development and Consulting, Web and Mobile App Development, IT Audit and Ebase Xi. Prior to working with Schnell, Priyank has worked for a large multi-national organization which specializes in Integration and Automation, and responsible for creating and delivering innovative web and service transformation projects across the globe.

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