Tips to Remember in Choosing Cemetery Plot

Posted by dawson12 on January 22nd, 2015

Surveys show that nowadays, people prefer to arrange their funerals in advance. The causes are numerous.  While some want to relieve their loved ones from the extra cost, others love to be with their friends and relatives. This comes up with the question; how to buy a cemetery plot? The answer may not be that simple. Still, the following tips would definitely assist in making a wise choice.

Some pointers when choosing cemetery plot

It is true that having to choose a cemetery is not that easy. For a majority of people, the process is emotionally taxing.  However, this does not have to scare you away from taking a decision. Just keep the following points in mind.

  1. 1.       Do a thorough research

It is true that people give respect to those having their final rest in a cemetery. But, this does not mean that you can choose any site you come across. When you locate a graveyard, you should talk to the staff and understand how often it is maintained. Exploring the Internet too is an option worth considering. The agencies like Better Business Bureau would have great recommendations to make. You should also surf review websites. This would give you an idea of unresolved issues or other troubles the cemetery had to face in the past.

  1. 2.       Begin with choosing a cemetery

This may sound awkward. But, the fact is that people get so much concerned about the position of the plot that they forget to check the state of a cemetery. If your town has more than one graveyard, compare the prices. You should also ask if the cemetery is associated with a nearby funeral home.  This would bring down the cost of funeral to a great extent.

  1. 3.       Choose between green burial and its traditional variant

Determine your preferences. If a green burial is you want, you should go for those gravesites offering the same. Here too, Internet is the most reliable source of information. It would have a list of cemeteries offering green funerals. You should also set aside a specific budget for the purpose. Keep a fixed price in view and explore the options which come in that range.

  1. 4.       Get a map

If you happen to choose a renowned cemetery, it would have a map of the available plots. Opting for a not-so-beautiful area would lower the cost. You should also enquire if the cemetery has some sort of plan to expand.

  1. 5.       Try to buy in advance

Early birds always get huge discounts. Try to be one among them. It would also make sure that you are offered a final rest in the company of those whom you loved dearly. Know that buying sites for more than four family members would help you save huge.

Do not forget to enquire about the hidden costs like fees for opening and closing the gravesite and contributions for the perpetual care fund.

Choosing cemetery plot is not easy. But, the tips given below are sure to help a lot in the matter.

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