Laser tattoo removal: What does it cost if you rethink the ink?

Posted by Kelly Wilson on February 15th, 2021



Laser tattoo removal is a procedure in which the ink that creates an unnecessary tattoo is broken by a qualified person using a system known as a q-switch or ultra-short pulse laser. The ink fragments in question are generally large enough that the white blood cells in the body cannot break them down, but the laser can heat the ink particles easily to the extent that they scatter and the skin can flush them out.

Anyone operating a laser for the purpose of tattoo removal must be duly certified for both the device's ownership and service. The license standards can differ depending on the state or jurisdiction the person in, so as an example, before beginning to remove any tattoos.

Although a tattoo can't be magically removed, laser removal can be a choice worth exploring, since it can be customized to a variety of conditions and desired effects. But, for different reasons, it might not be the optimal option for all, particularly those with low pain tolerance.

What's the removal by lasers feel like?

·   In an aesthetic centre, a person can get laser tattoo removal. Under a local anaesthetic, a laser technician can numb the tattooed skin. They're going to add the laser to the skin next. Following each operation, the skin can bleed, blister, and swell.

·   Over several sessions, this process is replicated until the person is satisfied with the degree to which tattoo has faded.

·   The average recovery course ranges dramatically from person to person. In total, with laser therapy, it takes between six to eight sessions to remove a tattoo. For better performance, the person have to have to wait six to eight weeks between sessions.

Who needs to get laser removal?

It is more difficult to eliminate tattoos of several shades. To be successful, they might need treatment with different lasers and wavelengths.

For conventional laser removal, the better candidates are those with lighter skin. This is how the hue of darker skin can be improved by laser therapy.

If the person has darker skin, the Q-switched Nd:YAG laser treatment is the best laser choice for him. The hue with darker skin is the least likely to change.

With laser therapy, older tattoos tend to disappear most of the time. It is more difficult to erase newer tattoos. 

How much does it cost to remove laser tattoos?

The price it ends up costing to have a tattoo removed by the laser would largely depend on how long it takes for the tattoo to faded to the degree the person like, just like having a tattoo, to begin with. The amount of time this takes will, however, be impacted by many variables, including:

The scale and position of the tattoo that one wants to be removed

How old the tattoo is, and how dull the ink is now,

The color of the tattoo ink used (according to the Australasian College of Dermatologists, black ink is easier to remove than coloured ink)

If one attempt complete elimination or just try to lighten the tattoo

Based on tattoo scale, some laser removal clinics offer pricing guides for laser tattoo removal. For example, tattoo removal Sydney in different clinics have different rates and a person can even find affordable rates.

Is laser tattoo removal covered in health insurance?

Generally, health insurers would not offer protection for the replacement of laser tattoos, since it is considered a cosmetic treatment instead of a medically required one in most cases. That being said, in the event of complications arising from inserting, upgrading or replacing a tattoo, such as infection, health insurers may provide some protection for the medical care needed.

Aftercare of the treated skin part

Clear aftercare instructions are given to the individual by the technician.

In general, for several days after each treatment, add an antibacterial ointment to skin. The ointment will help cure the skin and reduce the risk of infection. Each time one add the ointment, change the wound dressing.

·   For the next two weeks at least:

·   Hold the clean and dry area of the treated area.

·   Stop wearing tight clothing.

·   Stop exposing direct sunlight to the treated area.

·   Do not choose any scabs or blisters that are forming.


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