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An important aspect of living room décor is sofa. Sofa comes in a variety of styles and designs. It can be categorized into sectional or sleeper types. It can be further categorized into the following types:

  • Tight back- This type of sofa comes with a firm seat and without a cushion to comfort the back. Ideal for those on the go, this type of sofa is maintenance free.

  • Attached pillow back- This type has softer seats and pillows are sewn together with the seats to make the unit a whole one. Attached pillow back sofas are high maintenance as the pillows can be cleaned separately.

  • Loose pillow back- This type of sofa comes with an identical seat as well as cushion back. The cover can be unzipped and cleaned separately. You also have an option to re-stuff it.

  • Multi pillow back- As the name suggests, this type comes with more number of back cushions than seat pillows. It is ideal for those seeking greater comfort.

How to replace and re-stuff sofa cushion?

After repeated use and sitting in, sofa cushions tend to lose their firmness and comfort. It is then time to re-cushion them. Things to consider when going in for re-stuffing sofa cushions:

  • Measure the cushions: Measure the thickness and width and length of the cushion. This will give you a fair idea about how much foam to replace with.

  • Firmness matters: You can make the sofa as firm as it was when you bought it or can reduce for greater comfort. When ordering foam, it is more economical to order a six-foot long strip of foam and then break it into smaller pieces.

  • Check the quality of foam: Whether buying foam online or buying it from a retail store, it is important to check the quality of the foam.

Foam products are available online and in retail stores in Chelsea and sofa cushions in London.

How to go about furniture restoration?

Rather than throwing away your sofa because it is stained or torn, you might as well consider refurbishing it. The various ways in which you can renovate the look of your favourite sofa are:

  • Thorough cleaning by applying mineral spirits

  • Paint to get a neater look

  • As a final resort, cut open the sofa and remove the buttons and knobs to remove the sofa cover material

Furniture restoration can be done with the help of professionals or can be done by you with the help of instructions available online. Furniture restoration is a booming trend in Chelsea. It works out to be more economical than replacing old furniture. Check out the best deals before you plan to purchase a product.

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