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Posted by Riise Dowd on February 15th, 2021

With each of the recent events in your world today, varieties of education for many subjects are changing. While students of any age are changing to distance education, music education is progressing with a rapid pace, also. Private online music lessons are one particular new possibilities to music students. After teaching quite an eclectic variety of music classes in the length of my career, my first preference for understanding how to learn a musical instrument is via private sessions having a qualified teacher. Although group music lessons have advantages to a different or seasoned musician (to become explored and explained inside a future article), I can claim that I see many students that I have worked with grow abundantly more with custom built curriculum for the children. Advantages of Individualized Instruction I see that students have an overabundance of success in personalized music instruction in general. Why? Here are several of my observations. 1 - Every student comes from a different background of musical knowledge to start with into lessons. If a student starts a musical instrument with a wide knowledge already of how to learn music, is naturally has the capacity to "hear" or play music by ear, or comes from a musical family where parents or siblings already play, he / she will have a massive advantage on peers that are beginning from scratch. 2 - Each student has personal areas in which they've got good and bad points. Imagine a group lesson of ten students when a new rhythm pattern is introduced. I can guarantee that a minumum of one or two will be aware of it and also get involved in it without a second thought. At the other end, students that have difficulty in math may struggled to count out the same rhythm pattern even after hearing and seeing it more than once. A teacher in this instance usually should keep a middle ground where almost all of the pupils make progress at that time given then should start working on another thing. The advanced it's possible to spend an entirely class on something already understood; the individual that is challenged can always have trouble with the idea when it's time for you to move on to another. Students at both ends are certainly not served for their individual needs. (I am not criticizing any one my fellow teachers; I have been a faculty band director and a private teacher; therefore, I am simply sharing concerns that I have felt for my students.) 3 - In a classroom, all students have unique learning styles. While one student may learn the piece / song better by simply playing a good example of how the song ought to be played, another student will need to notice written out visually on a page reading every note and counting all rhythms. Others will understand the concepts, but will simply should repeat passages to formulate their motor coordination and muscle memory. 4 - Everyone has their unique preferences of songs and fashoins that they wish to play. Although most music teachers and band directors pick out an enormous variety of pieces because of their students that span an array of influences, there are several pieces that are certainly not written for your band size or instrumentation with the music students for which they are working. A student may need to play a certain instrument because of a love of a certain part of music but might not have the opportunity learn and play it in a group setting. 5 - Not all music student goals are similar. Some students want being the next Mozart or (insert your favorite pop music musician) and go on it very seriously all around. Others just want to have a relaxing hobby to study the basics and enjoy minus the pressures for being a performer. Still others are playing a device only because a parent wants these phones or perhaps a friend is playing it. These unique goals will lead to different leads to how well the students will learn and play. Therefore, their instruction needs usually takes on a whole new look, also. 6 - They will not learn on the same pace and method. What works ideal for some students will not have the identical outcome for some individuals. 7 - The amount of practice time with the instrument makes an enormous difference inside student's success. In a group many will practice daily while other will never practice outside class. So, the bottom line … how come I prefer private music lessons? They could be tailored to each individual musician to enable them to where they want probably the most help and being capable of play the music with their dreams! Piano Lesson Books Source Considering Online Lessons? I need to admit that this music teacher of 30+ years would have been a little skeptical about doing online lessons. Part of why I love my job will be the blessings of dealing with musicians spanning various ages personally! Spending one on one quality time having a person every week lets people to essentially familiarize yourself with each other beyond the music. I have made deep connections with my students over the years that have converted into friendships well at night years that lessons were taken. 1 - Therefore, one of my concerns was that I was fearful of loosing that personal connection if lessons were done using a computer screen. As I am penning this during the 2020 health lockdown, I am finding that my online students will be the joy of my week. I still see their smiling faces after they achieve a musical goal. I can see when they may be frustrated or sad. I can hear their feelings still inside the music they play within the computer. I may not be able to become in a very room beside them, but I are able to still talk with them emotionally. 2 - Another consideration was if I can help you each student exactly the same was as in person. Because of close-up cameras, students and teachers are able to see and hear the other person clearly, allowing for teachers to indicate chapters of songs and able to teach and correct notes, hand positions, and much more like could be done in person. 3 - As a non-techy type person, I wondered how to connect properly with my students - whether were technologically savvy or otherwise not. With modern technology, I have found it simple for connecting on several of the online platforms (Skype, Facetime, Zoom, etcetera) visually and aurally. And count on me … if I can figure out the way to do these techy things … you are able to, too! 4 - What about materials which might be found in music lessons? click to investigate and students can each have copies with the music and theory books they need to use. There are also downloadable sheet music options online nowadays if students prefer on the hard copy of the book. Many in the online platforms have tools to talk about screens and PDF's, highlighters or pointers to mark sections that a student will be implementing, and virtual whiteboards to jot down information. Even assignments that I used to write down in notebooks to the students may be typed onto their screens or chat box. 5- Flashcards, games, as well as other manipulatives are exciting to utilize during lessons to reinforce a perception. Instead of my paper copies that I utilization in studio, I have found many sites with these tools that could possibly be used on the shared screen with students. 6 - Since listening is an important skills for musicians to learn, I have been in a position to find recordings online of pieces a students is focusing on and share it using them directly to watch during lesson or afterwards. 7 - Evaluation can be important opportinity for students to cultivate of their playing, therefore a number of my students manipulate recording features about the platforms either of myself playing on their behalf to tune in to in the week or of themselves.

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