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Posted by matthewdavis9179 on January 23rd, 2015

Many of people in UK have been duped, mislead, or pressurized by banking institutions to pay significant amount of fees every month for Packaged Bank Accounts, a product that are unsuitable or unwanted – and in some cases, both. Do you think you been mis sold the Packaged Bank Account (PBA) by your bank? Are you aware of the term PBA and or how you have been mis-sold PBA? If your answer is a big NO, then this article is for you. We have brought all the information related to PBA, mis sold PBA and PBA claims in details. Please have a look.

An Introduction to Packaged Bank Account:

Packaged Bank Accounts or simply PBA is generally termed as a fee paying current account which is far different from regular baking accounts. It is also referred to as Premium Bank Account is a type of account where you pay hefty fees every month to the bank and you are given a bundle of value added benefits to enjoy in return that includes

Travel Insurance

Access to Airport Lounge

Breakdown Cover

Mobile Phone Insurance

Interest Free Overdraft

Special Rates on other Financial Products

These benefits sound interesting to consumers but in far too many cases, consumers have discovered - too late - that they've been spending their hard earned cash on something that is not at all useful for them. These special products are often referred to as upgraded accounts but if you end up paying for the benefits that you can't claim on, then you money will be totally waste.

How do we discover if we have been mis-sold a packaged bank account?

There are many instances in which you have been duped or Mis-Sold Packaged Bank Accounts:

You were told you had to have the account to get a mortgage, loan, or other product

You were upgraded or sold to a fee-paying Packaged Bank Account without informing you

You aren't qualified to claim on one or more of the bundled insurance policies

The bank sales advisor pressured you into it and many more.

If any of the above statements ring a bell in your mind, there is a great chance that you were mis-sold a PBA and thus, leaving you high and dry when you needed cover. That is absolutely wrong, don’t feel helpless however as you have the options to claim for PBA and get your hard earned money back.

How do we get the compensation for Packaged Bank Account Claims?

If you are worried that Packaged Bank Account has been Mis-sold, then don’t worry as Money Active Ltd is here to help you out. Money Active Ltd is the highest rated Claim Management Company that specializes in dealing with mis-sold Packaged Bank Account Claims on behalf of consumers across the United Kingdom and helps them to get their money back that belongs to them legally. The company is regulated by Claims Management Regulator and is certified to handle activities related to claim management.

So don’t be a victim, claim your refund for Mis sold PBA and get it with ease with the help of Money Active Ltd.

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