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SEO ? Google Optimization: Some Practical Tips

Posted by AldoMoore on January 23rd, 2015

Search engine optimization includes two important aspects; making it Google-friendly and optimizing it for maximum performance. The analysis here will focus more on Google because the company still enjoys a dominant position in the industry. If your website is at the top on this search provider, you can expect more traffic; even its competitors will respect your site. However, getting to this position is not that easy. Major players in the field are required to index millions of websites on a daily basis. And, to make the competition healthy, they keep on changing their search algorithms. You have no choice, but to chase them. Here are some guidelines you can follow in this respect.

SEO – Google optimization

Reaching to the top on organic search results is quite simple. But, there exists no magic pill to make it happen. You are one among the millions who use the most powerful strategies one can get. Staying updated and modifying your websites as per the trends is the only option available. Doing the following too may help.

  1. 1.       Optimize the URL

The structure of your website URL plays a vital role in determining site ranking on Google. Since this is the first thing crawler sees, it would simply dump your site if it fails to understand its content. Let the URL describe what you have to offer.

  1. 2.       Maximize its performance on browsers

Flash and java scripts are great. But, they would make your website slow to load on web browsers. Make sure that a basic layout of your website gets loaded onto a computer when clicked within five seconds. Google’s webmaster tools is the most detailed you can get here. Explore it, learn effective strategies and apply them.

  1. 3.       Give utmost priority to your audience

It is true that search engines are the ones which bring traffic to your website. But, do not forget that you are not doing business with them, but to your human visitors. And, if you don’t add up to their knowledge, they are not going to be on your site for long. Offer fresh, original and engaging content.

  1. 4.       Make it relevant to your niche

Today, a large number of people turn to search engines to solve their doubts. Their duty is to give them the results relevant to the queries they type. Quite naturally, if your website does not offer valuable information in your field, it will go down to the bottom.

  1. 5.       Optimize it for your locality

If yours is a small business, you must optimize your website for local search. Begin your efforts in this direction by registering your business in Google places. Doing this will drastically improve your site ranking. When your clients see you on local listings, they would definitely buy from you. However, don’t think that it is an easy job. Here too, you are part of a stiff competition. Apply the strategies mentioned above and add a native touch to your website. Explore Google, it has lots of information to give you.

Remember, SEO – Google optimization is the only way to survive in the market today.

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