The Precautionary Principle - A Realistic Solution to Cell Phone Radiation?

Posted by Dobson Fulton on February 15th, 2021

On September 14th, 2009, the U.S. Senate convened for hearings around the Health Effects of Cell Phones. Among those who testified was Dr. John Bucher, the associate director in the National Toxicology Program with the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. He stated, "There happen to be some hints recently that there's an increase in brain cancers in people who have used these cellular communication devices for several years." Dr. Bucher's agency is funding a sizable scale test--but not on people--on rodents. These animals will be presented the kind of exposure that humans get when working with mobile devices. Unfortunately, results will not be in before the year 2013. Will that be far too late? Another expert who testified was Dr. Siegal Sadetzki, MD. She is the Director in the Cancer and Radiation Epidemiology Unit, with the Gertner Institute in Israel. Dr. Sadetzki has recently published the final results of the study, by which she and her colleagues found a web link between cellular phone use and cancer. According to that study, people that frequently use cellular phones over a certain side of these head are 50% more probable than non-cell-phone-users to produce a tumor inside the salivary gland on that side from the head. In her testimony she said, "What worried me was that, inside my study, I saw consistent positive results and they also always appeared its keep is biological plausibility." These results appeared for the same side of the head where the phone was held, they appeared for your heavy users, plus they appeared in rural areas when compared with towns, where you might expect mobile phone cancers to get higher. Dr. Sadetzki concluded her speech by advising the "precautionary principle." Senator Arlen Specter, D-Pennsylvania, agreed, "Precautions aren't a bad idea," he said . In regard to mobile phone use, the precautionary principle suggests practices like employing a wired headset instead of a Bluetooth earpiece, and enabling the speaker function in lieu of holding the product for your ear. In addition, as opposed to storing the cellphone in the bank, keep the device away from your body between calls. holistic energy medicine to the precautionary principle is usually to limit the use of mobile devices whenever you can. Make fewer calls making shorter ones. Choose a cell phone with low-radiation and limit children's cell phone usage, since their brain cells may be more sensitive for the effects of cell phone radiation. The precautionary principle has good intentions. But, click here to find out more to telling a smoker that smoking might be dangerous which she should smoke fewer cigarettes. We now know for a fact that smoking is life-threatening, nonetheless it doesn't stop people from lighting up. Cell phones as well as other handheld items are rapidly becoming a part of our culture. Cell phones are everywhere. They are used by 87 percent of Americans as well as over 4 billion people worldwide. Students in high school graduation and after this even grade school children are utilizing mobile phones to go to each other, and txt messaging has turned into a social norm. We are dependent on cell phones. If you might be concerned with cellular phone radiation, if you feel the precautionary principle isn't enough or simply impractical for you personally or the family, there are extra steps you can take to safeguard yourself. New technologies are emerging to shield the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted from mobile devices as well as other gadgets. Certain chips might be mounted on cell phones and earpieces to counteract the EMR, and special paint coated on your walls can limit EMR from adjacent apartments seeping into yours. These shields may help you if you stay behind them. Those who love to roam can wear special headbands, clothing, hats, gloves, and pendants designed to protect the wearer against radiofrequencies and EMR. However, if an environment of increasingly higher EMR is to become the norm, don't we owe it to ourselves being a species to figure out ways not just to hide from EMR, but conform to it? Is it possible to take charge of our own evolution and become gradually more immune on the increasing degrees of electromagnetic radiation? Through a current breakthrough in energy medicine, an organic remedy has become developed that suggests this might be possible. By strengthening the natural life-giving energy field that exists around the body and every individual cell, this remedy raises the body's natural resistance to electromagnetic radiation, so helping cells conform to it, build resistance to it, as well as develop natural immunity with it. For those of us who cannot live without our mobile devices, and that practice cell phone precautions whenever possible, but who feel we want something more, you will find options to shield and protect. Now in addition there are a choice to adapt, evolve, and ensure our survival with the twenty-first century.

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