Benefits of Art Based Fundraising Programs

Posted by rickpetko9179 on January 23rd, 2015

Are you tired of running the same old fundraisers for your school or non-profit organization every year? Your fundraising efforts may be in need of a new and creative fundraising idea to keep supporters of your school, hospital, church or non-profit organization interested and engaged. Yes, there are the usual cookie dough and candy bar fundraisers available, but both of these promote the consumption of junk food and people are looking for something new to offer to their supporters. They are looking for something their supporters will find useful, as well as meaningful. They also want something that is engaging for the kids and will have a positive impact on the children’s self-esteem. That is why art based fundraising is continuing to grow as an effective and creative way to raise funds. Parents and supporters really enjoy participating in these programs which highlight the creativity and artistic talents of the children. There are many benefits to running a children's art fundraiser.

Children are actively involved

For many School Fundraisers, parents do most of the work instead of the children. But with an art based fundraising program, children are centrally involved in the fundraising program since they are providing the creativity and art which is required for the program to be successful. Parents or teachers simply provide guidance to the children on what they can create and how.

Children express their creativity

Participating in an Art Fundraiser program encourages children to use their creativity. Their ideas and imaginations allow them to create beautiful artwork which can then be featured on useful products, such as note cards and calendars. Children are always proud and excited to see their very own artwork turned into professionally produced products. The participation of the children is what really makes an art fundraising program so exciting to conduct. Each child is unique and each art based fundraising product expresses and celebrates this individuality.

How it all works?

Running an art based fundraising program is very simple. For example, to sell custom art note cards, students create individual artwork which is then digitally reproduced by an art based fundraising company, such as KidsKards. The child’s artwork is featured on high quality note cards which contain the organization’s name, logo and mission statement, as well as the artist’s name, age and grade on the back of the card. If you are looking for a Non Profit Organization Fundraiser, then an art based fundraising program could be a good option for you. There are several professional companies which run these programs and can help you in making your fundraising program a great success. Search for these companies online and you will come across several reputable providers, including KidsKards, one of the most well established companies in the art based fundraising area. They can help schools, as well as non-profit organizations, reach their fundraising goals.

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