What is the role of the heart rate simulator in the medical simulation?

Posted by Sarah Jones on February 16th, 2021

As the name suggests, a Hear Rate Simulator is an instrument that provides a good deal of flexibility to your heart. This instrument has been widely accepted to eradicate severe heart conditions resulting from intense physiologic and emotional distress. A heart rate simulator plays a crucial role in the field of medical simulation in an effective manner.

A look at the prominent features of a heart rate simulator!

A heart rate simulator is comprised of certain crucial features that you might not know. Some of its notable features include the following: 

  1. A limited warranty period of four years 
  2. Ability to detect SpO2 Manufacturer automatically 
  3. A substantial power save mode 
  4. The battery in operation can be used for ten hours to the minimum 
  5. Presence of a substantial field-upgradable software system
  6. Optimum fastness and accuracy

Usage of a heart rate simulator is worth acknowledging. Even in the past, this instrument has provided the flexibility to conduct medical simulation flexibly. Say, for instance, in ideal locations where medical simulations are conventionally done. A few of the other places include situational places and within the classrooms etc.

Techniques of using a Heart Rate Simulator!

A heart rate simulator can be used to ensure certain benefits for the overall cardiac health of patients. Generally, a pre and post-survey on medical simulation are typically conducted. Subsequently, constant cardiac monitoring is performed on each of the patients effectively. Some of the features of a heart rate simulator that aid in the entire process include the following: 

  1. A heart rate simulator is integrated with a user-friendly application. The person using the tool can optimize this feature at his or her convenience. As a result, records and reports in batches can be retrieved effortlessly from the application's history section. 
  2. The image of the instrument being considered, which is under test, can be transpired into a detailed record. 
  3. The built-in barcode scanner helps in the process of giving off accurate pieces of information.
  4. The application integrated with the instrument can store up to one thousand test records at a stretch. 
  5. In some cases, a heart rate simulator can create personalized protocols of the test. It does so primarily in two separate ways. Firstly, by running your CMMS-driven procedures of the test. Secondly, it can create those customized protocols by merely optimizing the type of your medical device. Subsequently, the completion of the task takes place by saving the crucial details on your app. 

Conventionally, after the cardiac supervision, now comes the gradation part. In this particular scene, the faculty of medical practitioners are supposed to grade the patients in terms of the heart's functionality. They do this by using a checklist comprised of all the notable actions being performed earlier. 

The importance of heart rate simulators in medical simulation!

Students of the medical field, particularly studying cardiac health, can chiefly benefit from this particular instrument. A heart rate simulator has become an imperative tool for these students to qualify in their oral and practical examinations with great success.

The Verdict!

The usage of a heart rate simulator has shown remarkable results amongst patients on which surveys are conventionally conducted. A notable increase in the heartbeat rate can be seen in patients than it was before. Some of the other benefits which a heart rate simulator ascertains for patients undergoing a session of medical simulation include the following:

  • Better stroke volume
  • Better cardiac output 
  • Improvement in vital capacity
  • Increase in the number of blood vessels and their size 
  • Increase in the respiratory rate and 
  • Increase in the strength and size of the heart etc. 

Ever since the high-fidelity models of heart rate simulators came into being, students have found it easy to conduct their medical simulation sessions. A company like Pronk Tech allows you to use high-end heart rate simulators with all the beneficial features mentioned above.

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