Life is stressful, do you have "hoarding disorder"?

Posted by One Storage on February 16th, 2021

Goddess appearance, the boss performed well in the workplace, but he blew himself up with "hoarding syndrome" (English: PFASs), the house and enterprise items are piled up like a mountain, from the floor to the ceiling, there is almost no place in the living room!
So don't dare to call people back to the house.
According to the analysis of psychiatrists, people with "hoarding disorder" or a tendency to store large amounts of goods have obsessive-compulsive personality and are almost unable to extricate themselves. They may also feel that they lack a sense of accomplishment and security, and seek identification and avoid reality.
There are especially many women and elderly people! In fact, I took a step back and frightened, and after re-examining the house, I started to organize it, and finally realized that "my house is too small, but too many items."
By organizing the house, you will find that you will not only save tens of millions of exchange fees, but also self-worth; facing things is facing yourself, and cleaning up the environment is loving yourself;
The flood of debris is the enemy! Want to get rid of it easily and be quick, since then, be refreshed and worry-free?
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