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Carp is a general term used to denote a variety of freshwater fish belonging to the Cyprinidae family, an extremely large group of fishes that are native to Asia and Europe. Carp are one of the most beautiful fish created by Mother Nature that have tiny eyes, thick lips, single dorsal, strong serrated spines with a forked tail. The colour of the carp varies from olive green to bronze with a paler underside. At present, carp are extensively farmed in various parts of the world and they are considered as the most popular angling fish in the UK and Europe.

Carp fishing and its popularity

The trend of Carp Fishing Scotland is increasing in popularity among newbie and experienced anglers all over the world. It is no less than a dream for many to catch some of the biggest carp in big lakes and rivers. There are abundance of carp fishing venues in different cities and countries in Europe including England, Spain, Scotland, Ireland, Hungary, France and Germany. The carp fishing venues offer a lot to the carp anglers from picturesque landscapes to awe-inspiring lakes and rivers. Moreover, the beautiful European cities have got world class hotels that offer lavish accommodation and a wonderful holidaying experience to the visitors.

Carp fishing tackle and fishing gear

No matter, whether you are new to Carp Fishing Ireland or an experienced carp angler, it is extremely important to get the best fishing equipment and gear for an ultimate carp fishing experience. Carp fishing is not at all a child’s play; it requires a lot of skills, effort and patience to net the biggest catch. You should get the preeminent, flexible and highly advanced fishing tackles as it can reduce your efforts and help you hook up a big fish.

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