Ways to cure tinnitus according to the causes of tinnitus.

Posted by LouisWillis on February 16th, 2021

If talking about how to cure tinnitus, how to do it, it is very important to know the cause of tinnitus first. Because tinnitus can be caused by ailments of the body in other areas, not from the wind. Or low air pressure only


Cure cold symptoms Tinnitus symptoms will disappear accordingly.

This formula's major function of Silencil is to minimize the irritation that can happen in the ear canal, inducing the sounding to proceed. This inflammation can come from various causes, largely involving damage through traumas. The majority of research assists making use of solutions to lower irritation, though it is well to alleviate it when the inflammation first embed in.

As we know, getting a cold is another common cause of tinnitus. Which is caused by swelling of the middle ear Or the area of ??the closed pipe to open the ventilation So when the cold symptoms go away Swelling will decrease. How to cure tinnitus in this condition, tinnitus, how do you need to cure the symptoms of a cold?

How to cure tinnitus by squeezing your nose and swallowing saliva

For squeezing your nose and swallowing It is a great remedy for tinnitus in the event of tinnitus from flying or after diving, which is caused by air pressure changes. How to fix tinnitus, this is to push the wind in the ear out Normalizes hearing

How to cure tinnitus with earwax melting drug and cleaning

Of course, the solution to this tinnitus. Can fix tinnitus caused by obstructed earwax Which the medical practice does not recommend to use the method of removing earwax Because it will make the ear wax blockage And may cause wounds around the outer ear The best way is to use a medicine to dissolve ear wax drops down to flood. Leave it for a while and pour it out. If the tinnitus hasn't disappeared yet, do it a few more times.

How to cure tinnitus after hearing loud noises

If there is symptoms of tinnitus after hearing loud noises such as explosions, loud music, etc. together with dizziness. Or hearing strange noises in the ears that disturb the way of life It is recommended to see a specialist doctor to check for symptoms. Because it can cause damage to the eardrum

How to cure tinnitus caused by water entering the ears

For people who like to swim Especially water athletes or go swimming in Songkran Then accidentally water into the ear until the symptoms of tinnitus A simple way to cure tinnitus is to tilt the ear that has water down. Then jump to get the water out of the ear

How to cure tinnitus by seeing a specialist doctor

People with one-sided tinnitus. Or tinnitus on both sides Often we think it's okay. If there is tinnitus for a long time And fixed by the basic method and not disappear Need to see a specialist doctor because it can lead to neuralgia.

Take care of yourself from tinnitus

Always wear earplugs or ear muffs

When working in high-risk areas Or use noisy equipment such as machinery, saws, etc., because hearing too loud sounds often causes harm to the auditory nerve.

Avoid things that irritate the auditory nerve

The consumption of caffeine and nicotine, which is found in coffee, cigarettes, and listening to music are too loud, all of which can cause irritation of the auditory nerve. And cause tinnitus symptoms

tinnitus sound

Avoid behaviors that cause high blood pressure

High blood pressure is one of the causes of tinnitus. Dizziness Therefore, choose to eat foods that are not very salty. Eat less Refrain from drinking alcohol And get enough rest

Tinnitus is not a disease but is a hearing disorder. And as a result of some diseases Like water in the ears Including some inappropriate behavior Therefore, it is necessary to know that tinnitus symptoms. Whether it is tinnitus on one side Or both sides caused by any cause In order to find a correct solution for tinnitus.

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