SEO ? Google Optimization: Tips for Bloggers

Posted by dawson12 on January 26th, 2015

If you can command Google direct visitors to your website through your blog, you can make millions. The statement may appear exaggerated. But, this is the fact. Before going deeper, you should understand a few things.

  • Search engine optimization never guarantees immediate results. If done right, you would see improvement slow and steady.
  • Manipulating search engines through unethical practices may increase traffic. But, that is short-lived. If your website gets blacklisted, you are going to have a hard time coming out of it.


SEO – Google Optimization: SEO for blogs

The importance of blogs for a business is common knowledge. But, the unfortunate truth is that a majority of them don’t understand the market value of a properly optimized blog. Writing a search-engine friendly blog is not that difficult as it may appear. Just follow the guidelines given below.

  1. 1.       Research on the keywords

As an experienced writer, inserting keywords at appropriate places may be an easy thing for you. Still, doing research on highly targeted keywords in your niche would maximize its potential to take your business to the next level. The Internet offers numerous tools for the purpose. Explore them and go for the one you feel would work for you. When inserting keywords, make sure that you don’t stuff your posts with them. Your target words should fit well within the context. A failure here will annoy both your readers and Google.

  1. 2.       Do not ignore social media and syndication

As you know, reciprocal links play a vital role in determining website ranking. For this reason, you should promote your posts in as many platforms as possible, if the blogs are informational enough, they would get shared. Gradually, you would earn the reputation of being an expert in your field. Syndication is another way to earn a brand name for your company.

  1. 3.       Generate a sitemap

A sitemap is the best way to tell search engines what you have to offer for your readers. It is strongly recommended that you update your sitemap at an interval of two weeks. Generating one is quite simple; explore the Internet and make use of one of the free tools available.

  1. 4.       Know what your readers wants

Whenever you publish a blog, you should have an idea of what readers would type to locate similar posts. Constant keyword research is the only way available to attain this purpose. Imagine yourself as casual reader seeking information and write accordingly. Make sure that your blogs add value to your business website. Giving a link to your site at the end of the blog too should help you a lot in this regard.

  1. 5.       Use  plug-ins

If yours is a WordPress blog, you can consider yourself fortunate. A research online would come up with great plug ins you can use to maximize the potential of your blog. However, take all measures to ensure that you do not violate the website’s policy on advertisements.

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