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The black garden ants are named that because of their dark skin color. They are mainly black in color and that is where they derive their name from. They mostly live in the garden or around any kind of vegetation or in the forest. There are various types of black ants as we have the queen who has brown stripes in her stomach and black smooth color. She is believed to be the longest as she is longer than the rest. There is the worker who is black too and they are the ones who do the heavy work of looking for food for the queen to consume. They tend to increase in size the more they grow. There is also the drone that is born to by the queen and they are black as well. They are distinguished by their wings that they seem to have and they are visible for a while.

The black ants usually mate with the queens and after that they shed their wings. The queen then feeds on the wings after giving birth as they use that as food. The male immediately after mating lasts for only two to three days and then dies leaving the queen to live on. The queen is believed to last for a very long time as she can go for almost ten years or even more. The queen’s eggs take around eight weeks to hatch and within this period she does not eat at all. She only feeds on her wings and she digs a tiny tunnel where she stays and hides the eggs with her.

Their Lifestyle

Just like other ants, the black garden ants are as busy and clean as the rest. They like moving around and making themselves very useful. They build their nests on their own and the workers do everything in their power to make the queen comfortable. The black garden ants are a problem for most gardeners especially as they do their best to get rid of them as often as possible. The ants have a bad habit for feeding on the farmer’s crops. They like feeding on fresh ripe fruits and some plants. They extract the juice and consume it while throwing away the outer skin and any hard part. This is very disturbing for the farmers as they give them losses which are not good at all.

Many people normally use some kind of pesticide that is used to spray the ants and make sure they are destroyed and they don’t harm the gardener. They build their nests around the garden as they know that they will get their food easily from there. They work together to build their nest and to make sure the queen is safe and well taken care of. The queen after some time then gives birth to the next generation of a new queen and workers. Spotting them is very easy as they are black in color and you can spot them easily in your garden.

The Black Garden Ants are black in color and they live around the garden ad vegetation. They feed on fruits that are ripe and some kind of crops that are soft. The North American Pitcher Plant is a carnivorous plant as it coils itself around other plants and feeds on them.

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