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Posted by Jennifer on February 16th, 2021

Are you looking to start placing bets online? But you do not know where to start? Well, you have come to the right place for finding on cricket betting sites in India.We will cover in detail information about what to look in an Indian cricket betting website.

This comprehensive guide will give you a lot of information on the following.

  • The ways to find the best cricket betting sites in India.
  • Expert opinion on finding the top Indian cricket betting sites.
  • Places to start when you are trying to place bets online.
  • A look at the ways to judge authenticity of different cricket betting sites and the rating systems that govern them.  

After you have read our page, you should have the knowledge you need to confidently navigate amongst the hundreds of options for online betting sites.

This information that we are sharing is provided after a lot of research and knowledge. You can confidently browse through it to find any crucial nuggets of wisdom on Indian cricket betting websites.

Tips to Finding the Best Cricket Betting Sites in India

When you go to Google or any other search engine to find the best Indian cricket betting sites online, you will find a lot of information. There are literally hundreds of websites claiming to offer the best cricket betting experience online in India. However, not every Indian cricket betting website is worth your hard earned money. You have to be a lot choosier and smart about the choices that you are going to make.

This information is collected after analyzing a lot of the betting websites and learn from the experience of the different reviews and feedback shared by punters online. This information is particularly helpful for those who want to place their bets on cricket.

Important Factors to Consider When Placing a Bet on Cricket Online

Let’s dive in to find more of the best websites for cricket betting.

  • They readily accepted the Indian cricket bettors.
  • Besides accepting Indian citizens, these websites also accept the odds in Indian rupees so that makes it easy for the bettors to play in their local currency without having to deal with translation issues.  
  • These websites do all the hard work to ensure that the banking options provided are convenient and ensure fast withdrawal of the monies won.
  • Regular bettors are just doing more than just cricket betting. They also play different types of bets on other sports too like kabaddi, horse racing, tennis, and football.

Now, let us have a look at the other factors that help you ascertain the important aspects to ensure that you feel safe.

This criterion is selected based on the evaluations done by professional cricket bettors over many years. These variables evaluation will surely help you find the best betting sites online and rely on them to make the most of the exciting odds available online.

  • Great online betting sites in India put a lot of emphasis on winning the trust of their customers. Therefore, they are mostly licensed, have a great track record and their feedback is reflected by hundreds of reviews placed online by their players.
  • Every best betting site in India has to make the entire experience a lot more experience. These websites are always working on providing access to multiple markets, several odds, and choicest selection of bets.
  • The bonus terms provided by these websites are clear and they ensure greater transparency. They want their players to earn fair amount of bonuses, providing them with opportunities that give them genuine chances of winning.
  • These websites ensure that their customers remain happy at all times. For this to happen, they provide 24/7 customer support, are responsive, deal with customers in a friendly manner and have a cheerful approach.

Advancement in Software and Better Navigation

A top website for betting in India relies on a variety of tools and software to come up with their evaluations and recommendations. They want to ensure that their players are getting the ultimate betting experience including looking at any dodgy reputations and negative reviews.

Therefore, the recommended cricket betting sites offered to the bettors need to be really good. The best Indian betting sites concentrate on the websites and ensure that the reviews are for everyone to read. They only select the websites that have been transparent in their dealings and would offer the best value for money to the end customers.

Cricket Betting Websites – Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is the best website for betting in India?

The answer to the question for best Indian betting sites is difficult to answer. But you need to do your research to find the answer to this question. The answer this question also lies in the play-in features that each website offers. Sometimes, there are websites that offer transparent services but the way they approach odds is different. It means that you have to be careful about the type of features offered.

Does a cricket betting website accept bettors from India?

One of the criteria for us to put a website on the top is to ensure that it does accept Indian players. If a website does not accept an Indian player, we will not include it in our list of the top ones. Our aim is to make this blog post as useful as possible for the Indian players since they remain our top priority.

Are there any legal betting sites in India?

This question is not that easy to answer and there are many ifs and buts to finding the best betting site 2020 in India. When it comes to the legality of such websites, the Indian government still has to do a lot of legislation. However, if you want to answer this question in terms of transparency, the answer is straightforward. Yes, there are many websites operating legally that believe in delivering their services in a transparent manner.

What the situation of legal betting sites in India?

The process of sorting out the legality of the websites is still unanswered and the regulation is underway. This question is answered by us in other articles too in great detail. But you should realize that the players form Indian are not legally barred from participating on legal betting sites in India. This is the reason why every best betting site 2020 exists.

There is work required at the federal level to pass the regulations. There are states in Indian where it is not allowed and then there are others where it is allowed. However, you need to check your local Indian states’ regulations to know just to remain on the safe side.

Is there any good online betting website for placing bets on the IPL (Indian Premier League)? 

When it comes to placing online cricket betting on IPL, there are many websites out there where you can place bets. Please bear in mind that IPL remains one of the most sort after cricket tournaments in the world. IPL remains one of the most favorite tournaments in the country and all the big websites for cricket betting help you place bets on this tournament. Therefore, you need not to ask if you can place bets on the IPL but instead which are the top websites where you can place these bets. Many of these websites also offer healthy promotions and bonuses to make it more fun and easy for you to place bets.

Can I Place Bets on Other Sports Betting Sites in India?

Yes, there are websites that cover other sports where you can place cricket bets too. There are some benefits too of placing your bets on such websites. You would be able to find websites that provide betting opportunities on other sports too not just cricket. Typically, other sport options include football, kabaddi, horse racing and tennis. Many of the rural audience coming online from different parts of India will find Kabaddi an interesting option on any of the best online sport betting site in India. Some of the websites go beyond these sports and also offer futsal, volleyball, darts, and American Football. So, keep looking to get wide assortment of sports to place your bets on online.

Is there a free bet available for bettors in India?

Yes, there are cricket betting sites in India that also offer free bets for the newbie players. These are available to help them adapt to the play through requirements. A trustworthy Indian cricket betting website in case of a free bet will refund it to you in case you lose it. But keep in mind that on all such bets play through requirements do apply.

In case of a free bet, you will have to make a deposit, letting you receive a free bet of the same amount no matter you won or lost the bet. After application of the minimum odds, the free bet applies again and you are not returned the stakes on any of the wins.

Is there a free bet on the Indian cricket betting websites?

There is some bonus or wagering requirements that you need to fulfill. There is no such thing as free money when it comes to a free be, free spin winnings, or bonus funds. There are certain conditions that you need to fulfill for you to withdraw the money that you have won or the bonus you can claim. A top cricket betting site in India will always clearly layout the requirements for you. The best betting sites in India will always strive to ensure that you can easily fulfill the wagering requirements to claim the initial free winnings. This allows them to keep your interest alive in the cricket betting online. The amount of money differs with each website and similar is the case with the bonus amount offered. Make sure that you carefully read the fine print before you apply for the free promotional offers and bonuses to claim.

Besides discussing the how-to part, we are also going to discuss how to find the best cricket betting sites or the features that they would offer which are worth your while.

Multiple Deposit Options for the Indian Players

One of the most common complaints by the Indian players is that they find it hard to deposit money. Therefore, one of the features that they would look for is support by the sports betting sites in India to help them deposit money. Therefore, one of the features that you would find in the best online sport betting site in India is that it would always give you the choice to deposit the money in the local currency that is Indian rupees. It will also ensure that you are provided with the various methods of depositing the money so that you do not find any issues sending the money to them for placing bets.

A Top Cricket Betting Site in India Offers Multiple Odds

The best cricket betting sites in India ensure that you are provided with the best odds. They understand that the smart punters in the world of cricket betting won’t fall for just any odds. They do not just place bets for the sake of it but also try to find the cricketing knowledge and wisdom in them. Therefore, they make every effort to provide well-researched betting odds that do not just attract the ordinary bettors but also the more advanced players who do not easily place their money on just any random odd provided them to win monies. They invest the money required to provide in-depth odds that reflect their cricketing knowledge and understanding of the game.

Best Mobile User Experience

The top sports betting sites in India are focusing a lot more on the user experience. They understand that a significant majority of the upcoming breed of cricket bettors are now switching to the mobiles. They therefore understand the importance of providing a uniform yet world-class experience to their bettors regardless of the fact that they are accessing their odds on their desktops, tablets or the mobiles. Therefore, they provide a simpler user interface that even the beginning users can navigate through without much of a hassle. They also work on reducing the load time to avoid lagging even on the not so fast internet connections. The focus is to ensure ease of use for accessing each betting slip. Also, they provide a wide choice of different betting options. Since, they know and understand that a punter must be able to access their website from anywhere at any time with ideally zero time. Thus the best sport betting site in India strives to deliver world-class user experience.

Why do you need to consider using only the top cricket betting sites in India?

One of the things that differentiates the best Indian cricket betting website from the rest is that they like to play it fair. They ensure that their customers are provided everything that they need to easily deposit the money.

  • They will also ensure that you are provided with the option to deposit the money locally using the options like Bank Transfer, UP, or Net banking.
  • These websites try to do their best to keep the interest of their players alive in their websites by offering penalty of promotions and also loyalty point schemes.
  • They always keep coming up with the new free bets to exclusively offer to their members.
  • Mobile experience remains at the top of their online user journey preferences since they know most of their players are using smartphones to access their websites.
  • Lastly but not the least, they ensure that the customers that win money can easily withdraw it without having the need to fill endless paperwork that’s redundant and not required.

There is a lot of competition among the Indian cricket betting websites. Therefore, these websites have to keep on offering new features and options to make the most of the experience that the users can get. Therefore, you will see on the top Indian cricket betting websites new options and play-in features offered on a regular basis.

Online betting sites in India facilitate the new users by providing them with the easy sign up option. This allows the new users to quickly place their bets. But before you place any bets you need to have a basic idea of the process of signing up and placing bets on the best betting site in India.

The Process of Signing Up of on a Website for Betting in India

Here is a quick overview of how you can sign up and start placing bets on these websites.

  • Go to the homepage of the Indian cricket betting site that you have selected for placing bets.
  • Find the option to sign up. You may find other names for it like register now or open account.
  • Start adding your personal details asked by the website like your first name, last name, date of birth, email address, and the country of residence. The website may also need you to add your full address, gender, preferred language, and currency. Add Indian Rupees from the currency to place the bets in your local currency.
  • Now, you will get the email to confirm your address. Go to your email that you have given during the signup process, click activate, and you are done creating a cricket betting account.

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