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Posted by Daniel Kate on February 16th, 2021

Tips to Digitize:

Do you own a Mac, and you want to know how to digitize the embroidery on it? Apple has proven that its goods are worth purchasing in the last few years. It has been a window competitor, an operating system that we have all been using for so long. This article will save you unnecessary time and help to provide you with all the information you need to know about how to digitize a Mac logo.

Today, embroidery empowers the fashion and advertisement industries. With the introduction of technology, embroidery has been changed from what it used to be years before. Digitizing helps you to conveniently embroider any pattern or emblem on the cloth. Mac is a versatile computer that can run scanning software smoothly. You do not need to digitize your artistic skills. Using the right methods and strategies to help you get the job done.

Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS are operating systems (OS). They allow a computer to run a variety of software. However, they vary in terms of programming languages. Therefore, there is sometimes a fault with the programmed and you need to verify its compatibility with your OS. Most software is readily available for Windows, but Mac needs different formats. To prevent any issues, you need to know the right browser digitizing programmed for your Mac.

How to Digitize A Logo on Mac:

Here is some software that are compatible with Mac;

Stitch Artist – Embrilliance:

It is a fantastic app that is compatible with both platforms. It offers you a wide range of possibilities to build and edit templates from scratch. Stitch Artist is the ideal app for commercial and non-commercial use. You can use existing models or build entirely new designs with a range of choices. This app comes with a learning curve, but once you get a hold of it, it gives you endless possibilities. It comes with three different levels that are appropriate for people of all abilities. Level 1 deals with simple designs, while Levels 2 and 3 deal with more complex designs.

Amazing Designs Letter IT:

Letter IT is a different software from Incredible Designs. It is packed full of features and allows you to create single or multiple line text in a few different ways. With it, you can customize almost all sorts of projects. You can select from 35 different types of fonts, including circle text, vertical text, and path text formats. It is also compatible with all big file formats.


Best for graphic design, textile screen printing and embroidery. It also provides computerized painting and quilting. It also comes with basic 6 embroidery tools with 3 modules, Basic, Text and Editing. It has an assortment of pre-designed fonts, text envelopes, and allows multi-shooting support. You can do color matching with the actual threads and get a real-time update between the stitch results and your artwork designs.

Stitch Buddy:

Finally, we have got Stitch Buddy. It can arrange, transform and combine the design of the embroidery. You can re-size selected parts of the template and copy-paste various parts to create unique designs. You can replace the entire palette or choose a single thread shade. It provides extended printer options, and you can do several discard levels when editing your designs. It provides all major formats, and at the same time you can save up to 1000 designs. Support also keeps up to date over time so that you keep getting new design concepts and features.

If you have just one logo to digitize or a few every month, it does not make sense to invest too much time to get it right. There are more realistic ways to do this with perfection even within hours. The best way to do this is to employ a professional digitizing embroidery service.

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