Buy the Nintendo DSi: is it worth it?

Posted by LauraDerb on February 16th, 2021

Whether your children (or you, I have mine) already own a Nintendo DS and are looking to upgrade or upgrade, or have never bought a portable console, the Nintendo DSi is a great product at a reasonable price.

The DSi features Nintendo's touch keyboard technology, though not all games use it, just like the original DS. However, this model of the system comes in a sleeker, slimmer package with a larger screen.

Some improvements to the control buttons (i.e. an on / off button instead of a slider and volume control buttons up and down, again, instead of a slider) are definitely welcome. While we never had a problem with the ignition switch, the volume slider didn't allow for fine-tuning enough, and often resulted in choosing one of three volume levels: Really Loud, Too Loud for Car, and Quiet.

The most significant improvement for hardware is the inclusion of a dual-direction digital camera. The DSi user can take a photo of himself, without having to rotate the camera or someone in front of them.

On the software side, the DSi includes a photo manipulation program, which allows the DSi user to add frames or filters to their photos, and the SD card slot makes it easy to transfer photos to the family computer (or the store of local photos) for printing.

Similar to the original DS and DSLite, the new Nintendo DSi has a microphone to "hear" sounds, but the option to record sound through the voice recorder is new and then manipulate it with various สโมสรยูเวนตุส. My son's favorite filter is combining the monotonous filter with the harmony filter.

And, as long as you have iTunes or another similar program that can convert your song library to AAC format, the DSi can work as a simple music player, ideal for long car trips.

Fortunately, the DSi is also compatible with all original DS titles, making the total library of over 850 games available to the new DSi user.

DSiWare is a new addition to DS game consoles. Because the DSi is WiFi enabled, as long as you have a wireless internet connection available, you can connect to and access DSiWare, the only "shopping channel" for Nintendo Dsi downloads, such as games and applications. There are some free apps, like FlipNote Studio, but most are purchased through Nintendo Points (same as Wii points). 100 Nintendo Points = $ 1, and there are plenty of fun apps and demos for under 500 points.

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