Everything You Need to Know About Shoulder Tattoo

Posted by andrewpaul on February 16th, 2021

Tattoo is known to be a great thing to express your liking, choice, and preference. You can even use it to spread some idea or statement. There are various places in your body that you can use to get a tattoo. The shoulder is certainly known to be one of the best places in this regard.

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The top of the shoulder is mainly preferred to get a tattoo. A good shoulder tattoo can be shown in summer or other seasons. You are just required to wear proper attire in case you want to conceal the tattoo. But if you want to show it off, then you can do it anytime you want. Shoulder tattoos are known to be an amazing option for both men and women to carry their style statement.

Basics of shoulder tattoo

There are different designs of shoulder tattoo that can largely vary according to the technique, style, and desired outcome. It is all about your personal choice as to what kind of shoulder tattoo you are looking for. You have the option to choose such a tattoo that has flowers cascading effects, religious significance, or some tribal aspect associated with it.

The shoulder is regarded as a great place for a tattoo because the flat shoulder blade on the back goes way over to the collarbone on the front. In some cases, such tattoos get merged into the sleeve and thus creates some combination tattoo.

Benefits of Having Tattoos on Shoulder

There are some specific benefits and perks that you tend to get if you get a tattoo on your shoulder.

  • The skin of the shoulder does not stretch or age, like other body skin does. Therefore, the tattoo looks fresh and good on this skin.
  • Clothes mostly cover the shoulder, and that is why colours of tattoos are generally preserved in the shoulder in a better way.
  • Aftercare is known to be an important thing after getting a tattoo and thus make use of Tattoo Aftercare Products properly. And this process becomes in the case of a shoulder tattoo.

How Painful is Getting a Shoulder Tattoo?

Tattoos are created by the fast-moving needles that insert ink into the second layer of the skin. Due to this reason, each tattoo is likely to be painful to some extent. Moreover, some parts are known to be more painful than others because they have more nerve endings and less fat. The shoulder is such an area of the body that happens to have more fat and less nerve ending, making it a less painful area. Hence, you are to feel little to moderate level of pain. In case you happen to have good pain tolerance, you will feel even less pain.

Shoulder tattoo for the men

There are different kinds of shoulder tattoos for the men to go for.

Rounded Tattoos: Shoulder join is known to be a ball, and this is why it really makes a rounded tattoo look beautiful here. This kind of tattoo will really be a great option for those men that work out and want to show their sleek and sharp muscles.

  • Tribal Tattoos: It happens to be the most popular kind of tattoo. The black and bold lines of these tattoos are to be quite intricate and mainly symbolizes strength. It can even consist of colour shading too.
  • Skull Tattoos: The shoulder is really known to be an awesome setting for having a great skull tattoo. The skull's cap is to rest properly on the shoulder joint while the rest of the skull is to sit on the arm. This skull tattoo can effectively be surrounded with birds, flowers, and other similar designs to make it look even better.

Shoulder tattoo for the women

With shoulder tattoo, the sex appeal and physical beauty of women get increased manifold. Here are some of the most common shoulder tattoos for the women described below.

  • Mandala Patterns: Mandala simply means ‘circle’”. In this style of tattoo art, the circles are known to have ultimate significance. The Mandalas are also likely to be turned into flowers and other bright colours aspects.
  • Floral Tattoo: Most of the women prefer to have different kinds of floral tattoos. Different kinds of floral designs can be suited with the round joint of the shoulder. Some women have flowers with stems coming down.
  • Lace Tattoo: There are some women that also happen to have lace tattoos. It has some kind of appeal among women.

Shoulder tattoos are fun and flexible

Shoulder tattoo can really be transformed into some other transformed tattoo. The circular designs can effectively be made of stars, fish, etc. The design of the red colour symbolizes romance. There are other aspects that you can go for in this regard.

Potential risks

There are always some underlying risks of getting a tattoo of any kind. It does not matter what body part you want to use for the tattoo, but you will likely face some potential risks.

  • Skin cancer: If the tattoo ink does not suit the skin, it may develop potential skin cancer. There are few examples of such cases. But it is known to be quite rare, though. Use of Tattoo Sunscreen might also help.
  • Skin rashes: It is fairly common instances to those who get tattoos on their body. This is why it is important for you to visit a dermatologist to examine your skin, whether it is suitable for a tattoo or not and make use of Tattoo Ointments. 
  • MRI Complications: In some cases, the ink of the tattoo can interfere during the MRI process.
  • Burning sensations on skin: After getting the tattoo, at times, some people feel some kind of burning sensation. You may also feel the same. Use of Numb spray for tattoos help in easing the burning sensations.

Average prices of getting a shoulder tattoo

Getting a tattoo is going to cost you a lot. The prices can, however, may differ depending on different factors and things. The starting price can be as low as 0, and it can go up to a few thousand dollars and even more.

If you want to get a good discount on getting a shoulder tattoo, then you have to do some prior research to find a good tattoo artist that provided affordable services. 

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