What Are Some Different Aspects of Spine Tattoo?

Posted by andrewpaul on February 16th, 2021

A tattoo is considered to an amazing art in itself. On the one hand, it enhances the aesthetics of your body, and on the other hand, it conveys some ideas and statements. Among all kinds of tattoos, a spine tattoo is certainly known to be a unique one.

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If you are looking forward to having a spine tattoo, it is important for you to know the pros and cons of it. Here are some of the things that you are required to consider before getting a spine tattoo.

Consult a doctor first

Before you really proceed to get a spine tattoo, you are really required to consult a doctor or physician. In case you happen to have some kind of back or spine issues, then it would be wise on your part to stay away from getting such a tattoo. Moreover, if you need some kind of back or spine surgery, then you must not decide to opt for a spine tattoo. In this regard, a professional doctor will be able to advise you better. Even after all these, you are getting a tattoo, you need to make best use of the Tattoo Aftercare Products.

Drink a Lot of Water and Have a Good Meal Before the Process

You are recommended to drink a lot of water as well as have a healthy meal before getting a spine tattoo. The water will be used to keep you hydrated during the tattooing process. People who remain hungry or thirsty before getting a spine tattoo or any other tattoo tend to have a negative experience. They are even supposed to feel more pain, to say the least.

Stay Away From Smoking and Drinking Prior to Getting the Tattoo

It is always considered a good habit of staying away from smoking and drinking prior to getting the spine tattoo. As per various reports, people who drink and smoke tend to experience some bleeding during this process. Even the pain is to be higher. This is why you need to stop doing these things for some days before proceeding to get the tattoo. If you follow this, then the whole thing will go smooth and fine for you.

Spine Tattoo for Men and Women

Spine tattoo is one of those tattoo options that look good on both men and women. This kind of tattoo comes in distinct and unique colours and designs that you will be amazed to know about. Both the sex men and women can carry it. It is particularly likely to be a great option in case someone happens to have a toned or muscular body.

Spine tattoos can abstractly tell a lot. There are different kinds of designs and colours in this regard that you are supposed to choose from. Entities like flowers, trees, animals, or tribal things can be crafted in this kind of tattoo. Moreover, some quotes or statements can also be imprinted on the spine as a form of a tattoo. Women mainly prefer to use butterflies, various floral designs, etc. Men tend to be preferred for some skull, urban legend, or tribal design type things.

How Painful Are Spine Tattoos?

  • A spine tattoo, like any other tattoo, tends to hurt. But the severity and intensity of the said pain is to depend on several factors, to say the least. Some of the factors in this regard are the pain tolerance of an individual, the age of the person, the tattoo artist's expertise, the needle used in the process, etc. No matter what, a spine tattoo is bound to create some level of discomfort and pain for every individual. Application of Numb spray for tattoos can help a lot.
  • The body parts where lies more fat and less nerve endings tend to be less painful, but the spine is exactly the opposite of this. First of all, it has the least amount of fat and one the other hand, all the major nerve goes through it, making it one of the most painful areas in the whole body. There are quite a large number of sensory nerves present in the spine. It is one of those few body parts that will hurt a lot during getting a tattoo. Moreover, the boniness of this place is another factor that is responsible for its high pain scale.
  • This is why you need to determine your pain tolerance first and then decide whether you would be able to bear the pain or not. If you are okay with the pain, then you can go for the tattoo else, you should drop the plan.

How to Limit the Pain?

  • A spine tattoo is likely to hurt a lot, and there is no denying of it. But there are some effective ways that you can follow to limit the pain to some extent. Distraction happens to be one of the best ways to limit the pain during the tattooing process. If the tattoo artist keeps talking to you during the process, then you are to feel less pain as your mind will be diverted in some other thing. In this case, you can even decide to take a friend of yours who will keep talking to you while the tattoo artist is doing his job.
  • On the other hand, you can try to get yourself occupied in some kind of activity while the tattoo artist is doing his job. Try reading a book or use your phone or you can even listen to your favourite songs. Using Tattoo Ointments can also help.

Potential Risks

There are always happening to be some kind of potential risks associated with spine tattoo. If the ink of the tattoo does not suit your skin, then you may develop some skin rashes or other similar issues because of UV rays of the sun. Thus, make sure to apply Tattoo Sunscreen. You may even have some burning sensations in the tattooed area. In some cases, there is a chance of potential skin cancer.

Average Prices

There are various factors to determine the cost of a spine tattoo, such as the tattoo artist's expertise, colours, designs, and length of the tattoo, etc. Spine tattoo is known to cost you more than other kinds of tattoo. On average, the starting price of this tattoo can be 0, and it can be extended to a higher price, like 00 or more. 

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