How to choose the best FIFA 15 players

Posted by coininfifaco on January 28th, 2015

How to choose the best FIFA 15 playersUltimate Team differs itself from the other game modes by 100K fIFA 15 coins each one of us to build a preferred dream team. One that we’re identified with, that we feel like it’s ours. What makes this such a unique thing is the fact that we all have different tastes.

In order for us to build our team, it doesn’t matter if we know who are the best FIFA 15 players or not because this matter is quite subjective. What matters is knowing which players will fit better in our playing style, our formation, budget and squad. This isn’t always an easy task, after all new player cards keep coming along through the season, but we’ll give you all the tools needed to build better. Find out who’s your team.

It’s unavoidable. When we want to start a squad from scratch, the first criteria for selecting the players is always the chemistry. It forces us to plan how we’re going to spend the coins with antecedence and makes us base it all in one league or nationality. If you have experience you might as well choose to build a hybrid squad but you’ll always be subject to the laws of Chemistry.

For people who don’t know, the chemistry affects a player’s performance on the pitch. A player with low chemistry tends, for example, to fail at passing and shooting more easily. In order for you to build good chemistry, besides having your players play in their preferred position, you should put them alongside others that have an element in common: same club, same league and/or nationality. The easiest way to do so is to create teams full of players exclusively from one league or of one nationality. 5% free coins code: shimibgdron in

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