An Overview of the Constitution, Judiciary and Lawyer System in Singapore

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When a person visits any new country, either as a tourist or a business trip, and most importantly, to settle for a period of time, it becomes important to be aware of the local laws of the place. It is also a good thing to get an overview of the judicial system in that country as you never know when such things might come in handy. On these lines, if you are planning a visit to Singapore, then you should be aware of the local laws, courts and places where you can find yourself a good lawyer in Singapore.

Common Law System of Singapore

Since Singapore was previously a British colony, its judicial system is based on the common law system followed in Britain and other countries around the world. The meaning of the common law system is that over here, judges arrive on decisions on various cases by referring to the nature of the verdicts handed out in previous such cases.


The Constitution


The legal system in Singapore works according to the Constitution which provides various rights to its citizens as well as foreigners who visit the country. Any person is guaranteed the right of equal protection by law, right to freedom of speech, right to assemble peacefully and hold associations and right to live life by his religion, which are the basic rights awarded to citizen by most countries worldwide.

Government Bodies

All government bodies in Singapore, which also includes the office of the President, Prime Minister and other Cabinet ministers function as per the Constitution of Singapore. The President forms the Head of the Executive who is elected by the citizens. The Prime Minister leads the Cabinet and is responsible for running the administration of Singapore. The members of Parliament are selected by the citizens with voting rights during the General Elections.


The Judicial system consists of the Supreme Court followed by subordinate courts which include District courts, Magistrate courts, Juvenile courts and Family courts. The Court of Appeal is the place where people can take their cases once they have exhausted their appeals in the lower courts. The Court of Appeal admits both civil and criminal cases.

Lawyers in Singapore

A Singapore lawyer can perform the services of an advocate as well as that of a solicitor, something which is provided by Singapore Law. Every Singapore Lawyer is a member of the Law Society of Singapore, while the Singapore Academy of Law is a body whose members are the Bench, the Bar, corporate counsel and the faculty of the local law schools.

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