Characteristics Of Headaches Due To Stress

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Stress is sometimes inevitable and can cause headaches. Find out the characteristics of stress headaches here.

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Headache is a complaint that almost everyone has experienced. Of the various causes of headaches, some are caused by stress. Are there any special characteristics that differentiate stress headaches from other headaches?

Headaches that are primarily triggered by stress are called tension-type headaches (TTH). Other triggers include lack of rest, poor posture, anxiety, fatigue, hunger, and low iron levels.

The characteristics of a stress headache

The hallmark of TTH is a headache that feels like it's being pressed or tied. Usually, pain is felt around the forehead, side of the head, or back of the head, and can radiate to the neck and shoulders. This type of headache occurs most often in adults.

Experts argue that mounting emotions, pressure, or stress triggers the contraction of the muscles of the face, neck, and scalp that had previously become more sensitive to pain stimuli.

Another characteristic of TTH is that the pain often appears in the afternoon or evening after activity, does not improve with rest, and makes it difficult to focus. Although rare, TTH can make a person more sensitive to light or sound.

This type of headache generally doesn't stop you from doing your activities at all because your vision, balance, and muscle strength are not disturbed.

The importance of managing stress

Generally, headaches can be relieved by getting enough rest, massaging the back of the head and neck, taking warm baths, improving posture, and doing relaxation therapy (deep breathing, yoga, and meditation). If necessary, you can use pain relievers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. However, these methods are less effective at preventing recurrence of headaches, as long as the trigger factor — stress — is not avoided.

Therefore, stress management is very important so that you avoid tension type headaches. The shape can be various. For example, if your workload is responsible for stress, then you should be able to manage that workload to be evenly distributed each day. If the stress is caused by an unfavorable work environment, this may be when you consider looking for a new work environment.


Apart from finding solutions to things that cause stress, you are also encouraged to exercise regularly. When exercising, endorphins that "fight" stress hormones will be released, so the body will feel more comfortable and relaxed. You should also limit or even avoid things that can exacerbate stress such as smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, and consuming caffeine.

If you often experience headaches when you are stressed, immediately identify the root of the problem and find a way out. It should be noted that drugs only deal with headaches, not the cause. Over time, these drugs may no longer work or cause side effects due to frequent consumption.

By knowing the characteristics of stress headaches, the best solution to avoid them is to stay away from stress or be able to manage them well. If the headache does not go away even though you have taken medication, and your activity is disrupted, see a doctor immediately. Especially if you experience a changing pattern of pain, sudden severe headaches, or headaches accompanied by complaints of fever, neck stiffness, seizures, double vision, limb weakness, tingling sensation, difficulty speaking, and decreased consciousness. These are all signs that your headache may be caused by something more serious. Immediately consult a doctor to get the right treatment.

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