Hardware Fittings to Make Your Homes and Offices as Durable As Ever

Posted by smithyown on January 28th, 2015

Hardware fittings add a lot of things to your home, and play vital roles in home improvement and décor. Among the multitude of options available in the market in terms of hardware fittings, brass and nickel-plated fittings have garnered a fine reputation for themselves. These are classic choices which are trusted by thousands of people worldwide. Brass hardware adds significant amount of quality in terms of visual appeal, but also takes up the durability of your home or office by a few notches. Before we go on to talk about the advantages of choosing brass fittings in detail, let us take a look at what brass really is.

Brass is a metal which is made up of zinc and copper alloys. Brass is naturally very durable and is antimicrobial, wear and corrosion-resistant as well. It also boasts of terrific strength. The amount of zinc in the brass determines its color. More amounts of zinc give the metal a lighter shade. The yellow shade of brass is most-preferred when it comes to hardware fittings, as yellow is a bright color that has the ability to add positivity to the interiors of your homes and offices.

The Advantages of Brass Hardware Fittings

Among the many advantages of opting for brass hardware fittings, a few are discussed in the points below:

  • Durability: Hardware such as Brass Push in Fittings are extremely durable, and have the ability for staying strong for several years. Brass fittings are very popular with regards to plumbing needs. They do not disintegrate or crack easily under pressure. The amount of durability and strength offered by brass fittings also tends to favor the increase of the home or office value.
  • Versatility: Brass hardware fittings are the most manufactured in the world. They can be purchased in almost all possible shapes and sizes. They also boast of various finishes, which include plating composed of other durable material. A good example of this would be Brass Nickel-Plated Push in Fittings.
  • Ability to Withstand Very High Temperatures: Many households use brass fittings when it comes to the water system, as brass has the ability to handle extremely high temperatures without suffering any damage. Brass fittings are completely fire resistant and offer great protection from any fire related mishaps that may destroy the water system.
  • Corrosion Resistant: Water in many places in the world is not of very good quality. They may contain substances which are extremely corrosive. In such situations, brass is the most preferred metal for dealing with the corrosive substances. Certain metals are not as corrosion resistant as brass is, and using them in such circumstances is not advised.
  • Malleable: Brass is probably the easiest metal to give shape to. While most metals are very difficult when it comes to molding and shaping, brass easily bends, and allows for easy shaping. Hardware such as push lock fittings defines the malleability of brass.

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