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Posted by AllmaJess on January 28th, 2015

Woodwind instruments are musical instruments that produce sound when the player blows air through a tube. They feature holes that can be covered by metal keys, because, despite their name, woodwind instruments are not all of them made of wood; some instruments, like the saxophone, are made of brass.

The main difference between woodwind instruments and brass instruments is not given by the material the instruments are made of, but by the way the sound is created. Also, the way a musician plays a woodwind instrument is somehow different from the way of playing a brass instrument.

When it comes to brass instruments, the sound is created when the player buzzes their lips against a mouthpiece. Such instruments feature valves that can be closed or open in order to produce sound. These valves create different sounds based on how the musician blocks or releases them. In the case of the trombone, the sound is created when the player moves its slide.

Brass instruments can be used as the only instruments at a concert, although the sound they create is much more pleasant when it is combined with the sound created by woodwinds, strings and percussion instruments. Together they create a specific melody that features a certain rhythm.

The most common woodwind instruments are the flute, oboe, piccolo, bassoon, saxophone and clarinet. In concerts, they are used to provide a specific rhythm and to complete the sound that is issued by the rest of the instruments of the orchestra. To guarantee a perfect sound, those who own woodwinds are invited to contact a professional for woodwind servicing Doncaster or woodwind repairs West Yorkshire.

It is important for any type of musical instrument to perform correctly while in concert, otherwise it could affect the entire performance of the orchestra. Although orchestras usually have more than a flute, trombone, or violin, a single instrument that does not work properly and creates a different sound than the one that it is supposed to, could influence the overall music.

Regular maintenance and woodwind servicing Doncaster or woodwind repairs West Yorkshire can make the difference between a successful show and one that could need some improvements. Owners of musical instruments are invited to visit at least once or twice a year a professional to have their woodwind, brass, string or percussion instruments inspected, repaired and cleaned.

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