Why Do You Need Offshore Rental Equipment For Your Next Oceanographic Survey?

Posted by Allison Smith on February 17th, 2021

When you are planning an offshore survey, you need all the best equipment for your research. You are trying to collect as much data as you possibly can, and the only way to do that is to rent all your gear. You can save money when you are using offshore rental equipment, and you can get everything that you need delivered to your boat. Moreover, you can get advice from the rental company about what you need, how you will use it, and how far you can push all this gear.

How Do You Choose Your Offshore Rental Equipment?

You can start with things like a CTD array, USL sensor, and an acoustic Doppler current profiler. You can get an ROV (mini submarine,) and you can even get a winch that will tether all these things to the boat. You need to work with the rental company to determine everything that you need, and you should ask them how much range you get from all these devices.

For example, you can get an ROV that will dive up to 6000 meters, and you can get a USL array that will fit many small sensors close together. You can ask the company if they have a winch that will hold all the gear that you want to use, and they will deliver everything to you before you plan to push off.

How Do You Get Offshore Rental Equipment Delivered?
You can ask the rental company to deliver everything that you have ordered including your winch, ROV, and your sensors. You can ask the rental company to install the winch, and you can even ask them where the winch should go. This means that you get to pick if it hangs off the side of the boat or sits on the back of the boat.
When you are finished with the winch, the rental company will pick it up. This is much better for you as a researcher, and this ensures that you are not wasting time trying to get ready. You do not have experience installing these items, but the rental company does.

How Long Can You Rent Your Gear?
You can rent your offshore rental equipment for as long as you need. Talk to the rental company about how long your survey will take, and ask them if they have any suggestions about contract length. Of course, you can go back to the company at any time and ask them to extend your rental if you have more work that you need to do. You pay less every day you are at sea, and you should ask the rental company how much their daily rate drops when you extend your trip.

You might also need to rent custom gear that was left behind in the past by other surveys. Some companies ordered custom equipment that they did not keep, and you can rent that gear instead of spending a large portion of your budget trying to buy it on your own. Most people who would like to work with a rental company will ask about all the things that are available, and that is why you need to talk to renal company before ordering.

One More Thing About Renting Survey Gear

When you are looking for things like an acoustic Doppler current profiler, you can rent from a company that works close to the shore. They can deliver everything to you, and they will charge you a fair rate for all the items you use. Plus, you do not need to worry about overpaying for your gear when you have a limited budget for your research. This is why renting always makes sense.

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