Pediatric Dentistry Facts To Consider

Posted by Dr Rajat Sachdeva on February 17th, 2021

Pediatric dentistry is that branch of dentistry which deals with the oral health of children from infancy to teenage. Child’s tooth are visible after they complete at least 6 months old, it starts to develop even before they are born. Mostly around 3 years of age they would have a full set of baby teeth. Eventually after few years it will start to shed off making space for adult teeth.

Being a parent it is important to take care after child’s oral health and oral habits. It is always good to start child’s teeth health journey early. They will fetch these habits in their adulthood which they learn in their childhood.

Some Facts about Pediatric dentistry we should know about:

Fact 1:

A milk tooth helps a child in chewing and speaking activities and also they play an important role in making space for the eruption of permanent tooth. As it holds a major part in maintaining oral health, Pediatric Dental visits should be done by the time child is one year old.

Fact 2:

Most of the children in between the age of 2 to 10 yrs develop cavities in tooth, Tooth decay is most common disease in childhood. It is harmful dental condition and it may destroy the tooth totally and can cause dangerous effect on overall health.

Fact 3:

Tooth decay in children can be prevented. Cavities can be obstructed at early stages by use of sealants and fluoride application. Using fluoride containing toothpaste can also restrict tooth decay, as fluoride helps to remineralize the tooth enamel.

Fact 4:

Physically active child generally the children who participate in sport activities have higher chances of oral injuries. Use mouth guards or sports gear might help reduce the chances of getting injured.

Fact 5:

Tooth health can affect child’s self-confidence and social academic performance. U may find your child not willing to participate in social activities and embarrassed to smile in front of friends .dental illness can also reduce the academic hours of a child which may affect their academic performance.

Fact 6:

Tooth decay takes place due to the formation of acid producing bacteria that attack on the tooth surface. Due to the consumption of bad food for teeth such as candies, cookies, breads, starchy foods and sugar, increases the growth of bacteria in mouth of a child which leads to cavities and are the causes of poor dental health.

Fact 7:

Dental health should be protected from the infancy stage even before the child bears his tooth. Early care can prevent tooth diseases. Soft cloth or infant tooth brush can be used to clean gums before the tooth eruption, it will help to keep the oral cavity bacteria free.

At Dr. Sachdeva’s Dental Institute, we provide optimal health and care for infants and children through adolescence that promotes healthy teeth by improving oral health and well being of children.

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