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Posted by Rahul Shah on February 17th, 2021

We have just welcomed 2021 and it is the perfect time to show gratitude to your customers. Tell them how grateful you are for their love and support and begin a new year of business with lots of good wishes. What better than a personalized calendar can serve your purpose at this point of the year! Custom calendars make a fantastic gift for promotional giveaways. You can give it as a token of appreciation for your clients and employees and send the best wishes for the entire year. If you give some extra care and attention to the designing part of your customized calendar, it could remain on your customer’s wall or desk all around the year. Apart from the wide brand exposure, customized calendar printing is way cheaper than any other promotional gift item.

Calendars are one of the most useful items in the house or the office. Its functionality makes it the perfect choice for using calendars as a promotional gift. As business owners, your aim should be to reach more people at a relatively low cost and a personalized calendar does the same for you. It exposes your brand to a very large segment of people for a lot of time at very little cost. All you have to do is design the custom calendars in a way that it looks nothing less than a New Year greeting card. 

Here are some tips for designing a perfect 2021 calendar for your promotional marketing:

1.      Decide a theme: Most of the calendars are theme-based. A theme gives some uniformity to the calendar design. Choose a theme that looks appealing and attractive. You have to make sure that the theme you decide for your calendar must be trendy enough to complement the interior of your customers. You can even focus on the line of your business and use a theme related to your service or products. Try to establish a connection between your business and the theme chosen, if not directly may be in an indirect way. This will help you in marketing your company quite effectively. Relevance is very important. Go for landscape photography as it makes a strong theme for promotional calendars. Focus on making your promotional calendar trendy, exciting, interesting, and beautiful. The more creative you are, the better your chances of getting noticed by your target audience.

2.      Give it a seasonal touch: Most of the calendars that make up the living areas of your customers’ house or office desk stay there all around the year. So, generally, a promotional calendar would have 12 pages to design or at least 12 images to decide. You want these to be as interesting and relevant as possible. To achieve the same, what you can do is give your personalized calendars a seasonal touch by incorporating images of important landmarks throughout the year. You can either design the pages keeping the seasons in mind or the festivals around the year. This will make your promotional calendar look more relevant and fascinating.

3.      Keep the focus on the brand: This is the most important criteria that you need to follow while designing your promotional calendar. Remember your ultimate goal is marketing your business. You want more and more people to become aware of your services and products and keep purchasing from you. So your focal point has to be your brand. Leave no table unturned to market your brand. Use your brand colors and design tools to create the desired effect and include your logo on each page to make sure your customers are reminded of who gave them their wonderful calendar.

4.      Think about the format: There are several formats available for customized calendar printing. There are twelve months wall calendars, desk calendars, and even pocket calendars. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Large one-sheet posters have a large presence on a wall, month-by-month wall calendars give you twelve different images to get creative with and desktop calendars give you a strong presence on the desks of your customers. Depending on your budget, marketing objects, and type of target segment you can choose one format most suitable for your business.

5.         Choose the perfect time to distribute: Competition is everywhere. The case is the same with promotional gifts. As marketers, you will want tomake a personalized calendar as early as possible to grab the most prominent space in the house and offices of your target audience. As a general rule, the first calendar on the wall stays put. Towards the end of the year is the best time to give calendars as promotional giveaways or the very beginning of a new year. This is the time that people generally put them in the most visible corner so that they know the events lined up for the entire year. 

Can you imagine the immense brand exposure a personalized calendar provides? It is not limited to the recipients only; rather anyone who works in the same vicinity or lives in the same house is also exposed to your marketing messages regularly. One of the biggest reasons to use calendars as your next promotional giveaway is that they are universally appealing to people. Businesses from virtually any industry or sector can use calendars to promote their products and services. Thus, it is not wrong to say that when it comes to promotional giveaways, advertising specialties, and marketing gifts, there is no better choice than a custom-printed calendar. 

As brand owners, you must put into consideration that whatever reaches your customers be it a product or a gift, has to be of the best quality. Remember, only when your marketing message reaches the target audience most appropriately, it creates the desired impact. For this reason, most businesses use professional customized calendar printing services. The web-to-print solution providers make the best-customized calendars online. They understand the minute details of designing calendars that are not only eye-catching but also put across your marketing messages flamboyantly throughout the year. One such printing company is PrintStop. Based on the requirement of the business, they design and customize the products. They have an entire section on their website that offers only calendars. They have a wide range of calendar products ranging from name calendars, hanging wall calendars, pyramid calendars, pop-up cube calendars, and lots more. All of these are available at their online storefront. You can either upload your design or get one made exclusively for your brand. So what are you waiting for? Go check it out and get your hands on some of the best designs and buy customized calendars online!

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