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Posted by priya jadhav on February 17th, 2021

Without wasting your time let’s start with “Which are the best fish for small tank or bowl?

  1. BETTA Fish


The best choice for fish in terms of aquarium is Betta Fish.If you are a beginner then I suggest you to go for Betta Fish. A single male betta fish is low maintenance fish. Giving your betta fish small and only to live feeling is remarkable. But male betta when kept alone can turn aggressive. Try taking extra care of the betta fish when kept alone as a king of its own kingdom. Betta is anabantids( Breathe the air above the water.)

Talking about the filtration Male Betta will not require much of an expensive filtration and it totally depends upon you when to keep the filtration on and off.

CAUTION: If you plan to buy betta fish, please take the time to learn how to care for him correctly. And to buy Good Quality Betta Fish visit Blessings Aquarium or

Below are different types of Betta Fish:-

  • Nemo Placket Betta
  • Golden Placket Betta
  • Fancy Placket Betta
  • Full moon Betta
  • Half Moon Betta
  1. Guppy Fish

Guppies are small in size but curious pet fish. They can easily go in 18 liters tank if you decide to go in bulk. A small pot can be enough for two pair of guppy fish. Taking care of guppy fish is quiet essential. They need warm and clean water. 20% to 30% water change is a must but that depends on the tank again.

Before buying guppies do ask the staff and aquarist. Blessings Aquarium have well educated and highly knowledgeable staff. Feel free to contact them for Fish Pet.

The ideal way to keep guppies in group is by keeping 2 female guppies for 1 male.

To buy Best Aquarium visit Blessings Aquarium

  1. Neon Tetra

Cute little Neon Tetras are other good choices if not guppies or Betta for small fish tank. Neon tetras to go with set of 4 or 5 with no other mates but tetra. Keeping water crystal clean supposing is an important factor for Neon Tetra Fish Tank as Neon tetra are sensitive.

Below are different types of Neon Tetra:-

  • Neon tetra
  • White cardinal Tetra
  • Albino Neon
  • Black Neon
  • Neon
  • Cardinal Neon
  1. Dwarf Gourami

Dwarf Gourami is a very poor choice for fish tanks less than 15 to 18 liters. My suggestion goes with keeping Gourami in at least 15 liters tank. Gourami breathes the air above the water (anabantids). But keeping tank clean is again a must. Not to forget dwarf Gourami are considered semi-aggressive fish be careful about their behavior.  That reminds us not to keep with other teammates. 

Below are different types of  Gourami:-

  • Pearl Gourami
  • Honey Gourami
  • Blue Lilly Gourami
  • Red Lilly Gourami
  • Joint Gourami
  • Red Gourami
  1. Shrimp

Shrimps are not fish but water livings. These little shrimp are often thought of as food for other fish, but they are interesting critters in their own right. You can have a little group of half a dozen shrimp in a small tank, provide a lot of interesting things for them to climb on and feed them algae wafers and sinking pellets. I bought shrimps from blessings aquarium, they helped me to setup my tank and now I have my mini shrimp tank.

Below are the types of Shrimps:-

  • Yellow Shrimps
  • Red cherry Shrimps
  • Amino Shrimps
  1. Gold Fish

Last but not the least Gold Fish. There are varieties of gold fish and all can easily mingle in small fish tank and bowl too. Low maintenance and cost friendly fish. Less food with less filtration process. Gold fish are non aggressive. For more information about gold-fish visit Online fish tank in Pune- Blessings Aquarium.


Below are the types of gold fish:-

  • Black Moor
  • Ryukin
  • Oranda
  • Red Cap
  • Black Oranda
  • Pearl Scale
  • Rancho Gold fish
  • Panda Goldfish
  • Lion Head




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