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Posted by Turkish Medical Services on February 17th, 2021

A woman’s body is the abode for the growth of the fetus. However, if you have any hormonal imbalance or problems in the structure of the uterus, you may have a problem in having a baby. In that case, you can choose surrogacy as the only way to become a mother. 

The legal issues regarding surrogacy prevent many couples from attaining the happiness of a complete family. But with the legalized surrogacy and affordable surrogacy Cyprus costyou can now opt for becoming parents in a different country.  

Eligibility criteria

You can select surrogacy even if you intend to become a single parent or couple. You are eligible to become the parent if you are heterosexual or gay. There is no restriction based on sexual preferences as the country respects the desire to become a parent regardless of what you are. You also don’t have any bar on the age limit to become a parent.  

Two kinds of surrogacy

Usually, the doctors select one of the two methods of surrogacy.  

  • Traditional surrogacy: In this case, you can undergo artificial insemination with the sperm of your partner. The rest of the procedure is normal, where you will carry the baby and deliver it. The traditional surrogate will be the biological mother of the baby. 
  • Gestational surrogacy: In this technique of “in-vitro fertilization,” popularly called IVF, it is possible to gather eggs from the mother and sperm from the father to form the embryo. Then the doctor will place the embryo in the uterus of the gestational surrogate. The mother won’t have any genetic link with the child as the person will be only the carrier of the baby. The gestational surrogate will be the “birth mother,” while the biological mother will be the egg donor.  

A pocket-friendly affair

Many of you are unhappy with a childless life but cannot also opt for IVF as it will be a too costly affair. Fortunately, the surrogacy Cyprus cost is well within the budget of even the middle-class people, who can now easily forget the incompleteness of life and avail of the procedure. Adopting a child is always a good option, but it won’t extend the genetic lineage of your family. It is the dream of every couple to have a child who is the representation of the marital bond.  

Better arrangements

As the demand for surrogacy is high, you will be glad to see the medical arrangements in the country for supporting the procedure. The doctors have enough skill sets that will help them inefficiently executing procedures like artificial insemination or implantation. The post-procedure check-up and care facilities are much better than in most of the other countries.  

Proper suggestions

It is not your decision to undergo the procedure. Unless the doctor analyzes your physical condition completely and concludes that you are an eligible candidate for surrogacy in one of the two ways, you cannot proceed with the idea. The quality doctors of the country ensure that you remain in good health, and so does the baby. 

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