How to find the best glass coating and tinting suppliers?

Posted by American Window Film on January 30th, 2015

To enhance the quality of glass panes and surface in your home, you need to carefully consider the textured. The coating imparts a different texture and tint provides a varied reflection to it. Hence, you could expect to see a one way effect with one type of coating and a patterned reflection with another type.

Similarly, a tinted glass adds a different shade. Residential glass can be tinted for energy conservation purpose as well.

Benefits of coating and tinting

  • Reduction in energy cost: Tinting of or coating it obstructs natural white light from entering the home. Hence, it reduces the solar heat from excessively heating the indoors. During winters, the same tinting will help in providing a thermal blanket.
  • Making the glass robust: Although coating ensures more strength for the glass, tinting helps to a small degree by providing a thin sheet that keeps the glass together in the instance of breakage or cracking.
  • Beautification purpose: Textured in the windows and tinted patterns provide a visual appeal to the otherwise boring panes. Table tops can also be textured in a similar manner and used as part of indoor décor.
  • Privacy protection: A textured coating and tinting helps make the translucent and protects your privacy. Tinted is best in vehicles.
  • Glare reduction: Sunlight can cause glare during morning time and also can cast a reflection on television. Tinted and coated help reduce this glare.

What to look for in a glass coating and tinting supplier?

· Quality of product: The work of a good supplier reflects in their end product. The materials used should also be of the highest standard. A high quality coating is determined by the texture and thickness of the coating.

· State-of-the-art equipments: Today there are many technologically advanced ways of coating and tinting. The technology used by the supplier will reflect in the perfection in the end product.

· Supplier expertise and background: coating is no ordinary job; it requires a high degree of expertise. A good supplier will have years of experience in this field and shall display an impressive portfolio.

· Feedback: Feedback gathered through online resources or through peers plays an important role in deciding the right supplier. Also, user feedback usually tells you how to go about dealing with a particular supplier.

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