How to Choose the Right Amber Teething Necklaces

Posted by matthewdavis9179 on January 31st, 2015

Amber necklace teething are the homeopathic remedy to relieve teething pain. Amber is popular for its succinic acid which helps alleviating the pain on teething babies’ gums as well as boosting their immune system. No wonder, those teething necklaces are still popular for centuries, especially in Europe and Asia. Can you choose the right amber teething necklaces? Here is the guide:

Amber necklace teething solution releases succinic acid and this essential substance will work when the necklace worn against skin, since succinic acid will be absorbed into bloodstream. There are several things to consider when searching for amber teething necklaces:

Baltic amber. This is the best type of amber for teething necklaces. Genuine Baltic amber is more than 45 million years old and found only in Baltic region. Also, Baltic amber has the highest percentage of succinic acid. It can be found in countries such as Russia and Lithuania.


Besides genuineness, pay attention to the design of amber teething necklaces you want to buy. The good necklace should has great design which is comfortable to wear and maximizes amber-skin contact. Different from other teething necklaces, the best amber necklace for teething babies should be the handmade ones. Handmade necklaces by amber artisans are excellent in quality and means the best durability as well.

Still related to handmade amber teething necklaces, you must make sure to choose the ones made of double-knotted Baltic amber beads. In fact, fall-off beads become the common problem when wearing amber necklace teething solution.

Besides the quality of Baltic amber beads, the comfort is determined by the quality of other materials, including clasp. Plastic screw clasp is a good example. An amber necklace with plastic screw clasp cannot be easily detached, thus would be safe for your baby. Not only for necklaces, this clasp is also used for amber teething bracelets.

Length, Shape and Shade

The genuineness of material is not enough. The amber teething necklaces should be comfortable to wear, therefore you need to find the right size, from length to bead size. An amber necklace for teething baby should not be around 33cm long, while the amber teething bracelets should be around 15cm long.

Bead shape also determines the comfort when wearing amber teething necklaces and bracelets. The three most popular shapes of amber beads are including Baroque, Round Flat and Olive. Those are carefully selected by amber artisans for maximum amber-skin contact.

Special for color and shade, you can choose any, based on your personal preference. You can choose the teething necklaces or bracelets either with single color beads or multicolor beads for your baby. All shades offer the same benefits too, therefore you can choose which one fits your baby the best: glossy, matte or raw beads. Find your best amber teething necklaces and bracelets now!

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