Baby Amber Necklaces and Bracelets: Choose the Right Color, Shape and Shade

Posted by matthewdavis9179 on January 31st, 2015

When it comes to talk about baby amber necklaces and bracelets, there are a lot of interesting facts we can discuss and learn more about. It’s more than just the existence of succinic acid as the key benefits of amber beads. Nowadays, parents are shopping for amber bracelets and amber necklaces not only as teething solution for their baby, but also as accessory pieces for their beloved little one.

If you are searching amber bracelet or amber necklace for babies and toddlers right now, don’t make any purchase before you read this guideline:

Amber necklaces and bracelets for teething baby are gaining the popularity more and more these days. Many people are always excited and curious about the new trends of baby amber necklaces as well as bracelets. They always want to know about the best color they probably need to choose, the best design to ensure the best comfort as well as the answer regarding the best shade which offers the most result for their teething baby.


One of the most essential factors which make baby amber necklaces look attractive is the color. Benefits become number one consideration, and color always follow as factor number two. Fortunately, the presence of many different products make us never run out of choices.

Cognac is the popular color of amber necklaces and bracelets, followed by other great colors such as light cognac, dark cognac, milky yellow and the combination of them all. Multicolor beads are the perfect choice if it’s too difficult for you to decide the best color. Multicolor amber bracelets and necklaces are (indeed) cute, but you can also choose single color products if you have already found one particular color to buy.


After choosing color, now let’s look at the shape. Thanks to amber artisans who create various shapes of Baltic amber beads, thus they look even more awesome and cute. Basically, there are three different shapes: baroque, round flat and olive. Those shapes are the three most popular for baby amber necklaces as well as bracelets. These shapes enable maximum contact between babies’ skin and the beads, which means providing them with the best benefits too.

The size of baroque beads vary from 4x3mm to 5x4mm. Round flat beads, on the other hand, is not as round as baroque. The size ranges from 4x2mm to 5x3mm. If you want something different than both of them, olive shaped beads are all you need.


What about the best shade or texture of amber bracelets and amber necklace for babies? Same as color, this is a matter of personal preference. There are three shades of Baltic amber beads: glossy / polished, matte / semi-polished and raw / unpolished. All bring the same benefits. All are perfect as natural teething pain relief. And now it’s time for you to decide.

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