How To Hold A Girl's Hands

Posted by nick_niesen on October 27th, 2010

Are you looking for opportunities to connect with a girl? Then holding her hand is the perfect means of reaching out to her. Whether you are beginning a relationship or growing it, here are three sure ways to connect and hold her hand.

Gimme Five

Gimme five is a classic opportunity to hold hands. Well, technically, you don?t hold hands, but touch hands, and that should be a good start. Use this technique if you are not entirely sure about your feelings towards a girl, or if you are still testing the waters.

As you go on about your friendship, there will be an opportunity to connect, to feel without committing, to see if sparks will fly. When you share a victorious moment, say winning a foosball game or finishing a project, ask the girl to give you five by holding out your palm facing up and say, ?Gimme five!? With such a friendly and risk-free move, she will definitely oblige. As soon as she slaps your hand, momentarily close your eyes and savor the experience. If you felt sparks, then she?s definitely a keeper. If not, then don?t lose hope, there are other opportunities to physically connect with her and test if the relationship is headed somewhere.

I Got You

This opportunity to hold a girl?s hand arises when the girl is about to overcome an obstacle and would need support, say as she alights from a vehicle or flight of stairs or when leaping across a puddle of water. Do the following:

As the girl is about to embark on the activity, look into her eyes and convey, without words, that you are there for her. If she?s looked away and is concentrating on the obstacle in front of her, then bravely declare that you are there by saying, ?I got you? or ? here,? and simultaneously hold out your hand with the palms up and fingers slightly cupped. No girl can resist a helping hand and an assured voice.

As she takes your hands, you will feel that she will cup her hands onto your palms, as if securing herself on you and may put on some weight, especially when she?s on her way down.

Respond by securely cupping your fingers and locking your elbows and shoulders to accept the added weight that she will put on you. Just be conscious not to grip too hard, as she may feel a strain if her hands are squeezed too tight.

As she overcomes her obstacle, gently ease the grip, but don?t let go of her hands just yet. This is a decision moment for you, whether to take the opportunity to continue holding her hand, or to let her go and hope for a next time.

If you decide to hold on, then ease into to the next type of holding hands, for a more comfortable connection.

If you decide to let go, then make sure she remembers the experience. As you ease-up the grip, warm up her hands to convey the honor and pleasure you experienced in the opportunity to secure her. Caress her hand by sliding your thumb on top of her hand or sliding you fingers at the side of her hand. At the same time, ask if she?s ok, or if she?s ready to go. Soon as she say?s she?s ok, gently let go and politely bid her to, ?take care on your way,? or ?have a good walk.?

Locked to Me

If you are in a stable relationship, then you know that physical intimacy is part of fostering your bond. Holding hands is an intricate part of your relationship. Whether you do it in private or public, holding hands does not only connect your emotions but enhances it as well. One of the most common types of holding hands is the ?locked to me? way.

This style has to do with interlocking your fingers with hers, as you hold hands. Do this by putting your palms together, as if in prayer.

As your palms align, the fingers will naturally align. However, to be intertwined, pivot your palm slightly sideways and open up the spaces in between your fingers.

As your fingers open up, the girl?s fingers will naturally fall into the spaces in between, so both your fingers alternate with each other. Just curl your gingers to the back of the other?s palms and your fingers and hands become locked to each other.

As your relationship grows, you may discover other ways of holding hands, and those that will suit yours and her hand type. The important thing is never letting go, for as long as your hands are together, you and her become one.

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