Timeshare Points: Usage, Benefits, and Some Other Considerations

Posted by Neilstark on February 18th, 2021

Many brands in the market offer timeshare ownership, and the most popular among all are Wyndham, Marriott, Bluegreen, etc. Previously the timeshare point-based system was not available. But when the system arrived, it made vacations more flexible for people. Due to this reason, many different brands started adapting the point-based system. Many people prefer buying point-based systems instead of week-based timeshare systems.

If you want to buy timeshare point-based systems like Marriott vacation points, the best place is the timeshare resale market. There, you will find several sellers who are looking for customers like you. Apart from buyers, sellers who often search for "How to sell my Bluegreen or other timeshares?" can also list their timeshare property on the timeshare resale market.

Usage of Timeshare Points

When you invest in a point-based timeshare ownership program like Marriott vacation points, you will get a specific amount of points every year to use for your vacation. These points will give you the facility to book short or long trips. This means that you can either choose to book a full week of your vacations or plan multiple shorter trips, as per your traveling style.

If you find that you will not use your points for a particular year, you can bank them. Banking points mean to transfer the remaining or unused points to the next year. Please read all the guidelines or T&Cs before you bank your points as the terms and conditions for banking Marriott vacation points don't need to be the same as other timeshare vacation points,

Advantages of Timeshare Points

The timeshare points give owners multiple benefits. Some of these advantages are:

  • If you have timeshare points, you can travel to multiple different resorts within your club. Before the point-based system, a deeded system was available, under which the owner could use only one resort. The points-based system has brought flexibility to the timeshare industry.
  • Unlike the week-based timeshare ownership, the point-based timeshare ownership system allows the owners to travel as many times as they want in a year. So, whether it is a Christmas trip or New Year's Eve, book the timeshare property and enjoy your vacation.
  • The point-based system is also very flexible for the timeshare exchange companies. It lets the companies book many different resorts at different time intervals.

Special Considerations

  • Reservations in the point-based system are based on availability. This means if you want to use Marriott vacation points to book a resort in a particular location, you will be able to book the same only it is available.
  • You have to pay maintenance fees. Therefore, if you have a low budget, it is advised to select a location where you can pay low maintenance fees for your resort. Maintenance fees apply to all timeshare brands. Therefore, if you are a buyer, it will be better to check whether the seller looking for "sell my Bluegreen timeshare or other" has cleared all the maintenance fees or not.

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