How to Conduct an Employee Evaluation

Posted by Kruti Shah on February 18th, 2021

The performance review is essential for every firm. This process helps clarify the gaps in expectations and prospects for employees. However, most firms face difficulties in conducting a practical employee evaluation. Well, this article might help you get started. 

  1. Be prepared

Employee evaluation may take an hour or so, but you need to prepare for it throughout from the start. That is to say, always keep a tab on employees’ performance. Fill out the evaluation form before stepping in the room. Further, don’t be biased in their evaluation process. You must conduct this evaluation with utmost honesty and the best interest of employees.

  1. Be specific

During an evaluation, be clear and precise about what you say. Don’t be hesitant to say what’s on your mind. You don’t want confusion towards the end. Whether you want to appreciate an employee or speak of their laid back behaviour, always offer specific instance to make a point. This is where your performance records would come handy.

Instead of saying, I am disappointed with your performance, say; your performance has been significantly lower than the previous quarter. You missed essential deadlines, and XYZ had to cover for your work.

This gives the employee a detailed insight. The same holds for when you wish to appreciate the performance.

Being specific helps you clear your expectations.

  1. Concentrate on future aspects

The very motive of evaluation is to prep for the future. Be clear about the past mistakes and achievements but also lay a clear picture of what employee can expect in future. Ask them how you can help them with their goals. If you wish your employment to be fruitful, think from perspectives of both ends.

  1. Keep the conversation open

Allow your employees to speak. Keep the conversation open in both directions. Listen to their points and see how you can incorporate change within your organization.

  1. Be honest and don’t overpromise

It’s easy to lose the flow and agree to everything to keep the efficient ones from resigning. Yet, know your bounds and be honest if you cannot fulfill employee’s expectation.

  1. Improve an evaluation form

Your evaluation form should contain all the elements essential for making a decision. Said that the evaluation process for every employee must be consistent. Offer a copy of the evaluation form to your employees to help them make necessary changes.

Have you been making errors in your evaluation process? Well, we hope these guidelines can help you conduct an effective review process.

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