Residential Areas Where Plumbing Issues Are Common

Posted by joseph george on February 18th, 2021

Plumbing is quite like the veins of a property that runs throughout the home. Everywhere the pipes and plumbing systems go, you find some issues at certain point in life. While the pipes run all over, residential plumbing issues are common in four areas:
Kitchen & Bathroom
Since these areas have most of the water work and plumbing, it becomes evident why kitchen and bathroom experience issues commonly. From simple to complex, the intensity of problem varies. Clogged drains, leaky pipes, broken taps, extreme wear and pressure cause plumbing system vulnerable to problems. The horror stories of burst pipes have also been reported in these rooms.
If you notice even a small amount of water leaking through pipes or the signs of water damage on surrounding walls, it is recommended to call an expert for repair and fixes. Regular inspection can help avoid the chances of severe damage.
Heating Systems
Water heaters are essential in areas where temperature is relatively colder or winters are harsher. The large metal tanks of water heaters accumulate a significant amount of water plus heating elements and a complex system to channel water wherever needed. After years of use, usually six to eight years, corrosion begins to deteriorate the unit. Also, problems with electrical components are also evident.  
Thermostat, heating elements and other components wear out, causing heating issues. Calling an expert to inspect water heating systems can help keep the system up and running always while avoiding the chances of damage.
Outdoor Plumbing System
People often ignore outdoor plumbing needs until it becomes really serious. Severely leaking pipes may flood the yard and the excess water may also find its way to the basement and foundation. It can result in serious water damage issues. Check your outdoor plumbing system carefully even if you notice a minor sign of water problem. A frozen hose bib or a broken valve may be the real plumbing issue. Replace broken valves before it causes a major leak. As a precautionary method, keep plumbing system drained and turned off during colder months.
Septic or Sewer
Even the plumbing system to direct the waste away from your premises can develop serious issues. A system with a faulty pump, clogged pipes or flash flooding gives rise to plumbing issues. On noticing any problem with your outdoor sewer or septic, call the local plumbing contractor for help. They can also give tips to keep the plumbing and heating systems in top condition.

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