How to Choose a Brandable Domains Name: Simple Steps to Pick a Perfect Name

Posted by rohny01 on February 18th, 2021

If you are planning to start a new business or any website, the major obstacle that comes in your way is the selection of a domain name. For a new business startup, a perfect and attractive domain name plays a vital role. The domain name will leave a lasting impact on your web traffic and let you know whether you can rank high in search results or not. It cannot ignore the value of domain names on online marketing.

To guide you a bit about it, here we have shared a few of the important elements which you need to consider when choosing a brandable domain name for your new business. Let’s have a look below:

Tip No 1: Make it look brandable

By the term, brandable we mean that once you hear the domain name, you should make it look as if it is a brand. You should never choose domain names that are included with numbers or hyphens because they won’t look brandable. This will sound strange and generic.

For instance, for a pasta food store, never opt for a domain name such as because it does not look like a brand. Picking sounds brandable and looks unique. 

Tip No 2: Make it pronounceable

Many start-ups do think that choosing a domain name to be fully pronounceable is not much needed. The majority of the users will never make an effort to pronounce it because all they are concerned about is to type it and click it. But still, it is important because of the processing fluency. This will also vary on the sort of region or language audience you are targeting.

Tip No 3: Make it short

Try to look for the brandable domains which are short in length. Shorter names are always easy for the visitor to remember and visit you again. The length will also matter in terms of the processing fluency which we have already mentioned above. The fewer or short length of characters will become so much easy to type and share with others.

Tip No 4: Avoid trademark infringement

Startups should always avoid trademark infringement when choosing domain names. You need to be careful about this fact because it can put your company to get into some legal matters and might make your audience confuse for a minute that whether you are a real brand or the fake one. Hence, at the end of the day, it will leave some negative results on your product rebranding. If you are concerned about it, then do consult a legal professional or attorney for help.

Tip No 5: Make it intuitive

It is a fact that it is just through your domain name with which your audience will get an idea about what your website is all about. This is a big win for your company if a larger audience has reached to you to experiment with your products or services. So make sure you pick a domain name that is intuitive and let others know what you actually serve to clients.

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