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Posted by juliabennet on February 3rd, 2015

Of all the hazards that we face in day-to-day life, fire hazards are perhaps the most dangerous. When a fire is raging, people tend to lose their brain and this causes more damage. But there are a lot of ways fire can be kept in control. One of the most effective ways is to use intumescent paint. This type of paint is used in many commercial locations and they play a critical role in keeping fire hazards away. Nullifire is one of the top producers of this type of paint. This company operates through its trusted distributors across the UK.

Intumescent paint looks similar to standard paint and even the finish is similar. As long as the temperature is ambient, the stability of this paint is as it is. However, the moment there is a fire situation, the increased temperature triggers a chemical reaction in this form of paint. This is when the paint coating expands and that n turn increases its thickness many times compared to the initial coating. This thick coat provides a foam-like insulating layer that protects the substrate. This is also known as char.

The char produced from intumescent paint can be of two types – soft and hard.

Soft char is a poor heat conductor and retards it. Typically, soft char contain a large amount of hydrates that are spent to release water vapour. This water vapour cools down the fire. When it is totally spent, the remaining char slows down the transfer of heat from the exposed to the unexposed side of an assembly.

Hard char is produced with graphite and sodium silicates. It is used in plastic pipe fire stops and steel fireproofing. This type of char closes any opening through which a fire can reach out. This type of char is more used in industrial applications where a small fire can quickly spread to become an inferno.

Nullifire is one of the best known names in intumescent coating. This company has been at the forefront of reliable fire protection for more than a generation. The Nullifire solutions are deemed cost effective and they are ideally suited for protecting timber and steel structures. The company offers a wide range of water-based coatings for 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes of fire protection. The company, through its solution, protects universal and cellular beams, hollow sections and columns.

If a fire breaks out in a large factory or a densely populated area like an airport, the loss of life and property is beyond imagination. These areas are packed with flammable items that can catch fire quicker than one can bat their eyelids. In all these areas, intumescent paint plays an important role to ensure that the situation never goes out of control. With companies like Nullifire providing the solutions, the chances that a fire will not go out of control are almost guaranteed.

Choose Nullifire intumescent paint if you care about properties and lives. Find a reliable contractor that can make sure that the coating is done in the perfect manner.

The intumescent paint manufactured by Nullifire is considered to be among the best. There are reliable contractors that can make sure that the coating is professionally done.

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