Types of Feeds and How They Benefit Animals

Posted by EricCormick25 on February 3rd, 2015

Just like humans, animals also require a proper diet to keep them fit and healthy. Humans depend on animals for many things like food and for carrying out physical work. This is why it becomes important that the animals we depend on are given a suitable meal each day to keep them in shape. Giving them animal feed, which are specially created dietary food items for domesticated animals, is a good way of doing so.

Types of Animal Feed

The type of feed varies from one type of animal to other because the nutritional requirements of a horse which runs several miles a day would be different from a cow which instead just has to supply milk. Keeping this in mind there are several types of animal feed available in the market which can be bought depending on what type of animal you require it for.

animal feed

Examples of animal feed are roughages, silage, root crops, pasture grasses, etc. These provide high energy to animals to help them in their heavy physical work. Animal feed also various types of cereal grains, barley, wheat, oats, along with soy bean which is a source of proteins.

Animal Feeds with Cereal Grains

Poultry animals and pigs are fed with cereal grains as animal feed. The grains are use in their whole form or in the ground form and can be fed singly or also mixed with other types of animal feeds, such as those which are rich in protein, vitamins and minerals.

Even horses can be given meals consisting of cereal grains and high protein feeds as a supplement to improve their health.

Animal Feed with High Protein

The residue of vegetable seeds such as soybeans, canola, cottonseed and cotton are used to make meals for animals which are rich in protein. But proper care has to be taken while preparing meals for animals using these seeds. The woody cover of cotton seed, for example, should be removed completely.

When we are living around domesticated animals, using them every day in our work and consuming products such as meat and milk which are derived from them, it becomes essential that we take very good care of the animals. When your animals are in proper condition and are eating health food, then they will work better and the quality of their products will also improve significantly.

Remember that milk from an unhealthy cow, when consumed by humans, will also affect their health as well. This is why animal feeds of the right type should be given.

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