What Are the Benefits of Conscious Dreams?

Posted by Emerson Benjamin on February 18th, 2021



"A male must dream his lifestyle along with his eyes shut and also reside his aspirations along with his eyes opened up." Perhaps it holds true that some individuals state, dreaming is actually pointless. But lucid dreams aren't really pointless, you know! Believe it or not, lucid dreams can make you millions of money. How come? What are the benefits of Lucid Dream?

Benefits of the Lucid Dream

1. Fantasy and Adventure

Lucid dream is a place for you to be a child again and fantasize / imagine like crazy. There's nothing crazy or weird in Lucid Dream- you can build a city from the sand like playing Sim-City, fighting dragons, going into remote forest areas, and many more. This is the place for you to hone your sense of adventure and your fantasies.

Lots of folks experience lucid dreams automatically, merely given that their mind is alert during the course of that period of sleeping. Some learn themselves to fild lucid dreaming, wanting to harness the possibility of lucid dreams and also utilizing them to their conveniences. Lucid dreams are actually known to assist with stress and anxiety, problems, dispelling anxieties, improving creativity, and also enhancing motor capabilities.

2. Inspiration

Inspiration from your own dream? Yes. Dreams have been a source of inspiration for pictures, music, buildings, and so on. You can make your own music in your dreams - even if you can't play music! You can also make your own house in your dreams and become a professional architect.

3. Exercise

Lucid dreams can be used to train yourself to face many situations that sometimes occur in the real world. For example: giving speeches in front of many people, taking the opposite sex for a walk, learning to hold back when your boss scolded, and many more. You can train yourself over and over in dreams until finally you can do that in the real world. Now you too can be confident just by dreaming,

4. Stop Nightmares

Are there annoying ghosts or monsters that always bother you? Whether in the dream world or in your imagination? Enter into a lucid dream and beat all the ghosts and monsters that are hiding at the end of your room using your sword of light!

5. Problem Solving

Actually, you can confide in your subconscious! Just try asking a hard problem in your dream, surely your subconscious will answer, and usually the answer is unique - from writing in the sky to a vision, answers from the subconscious are unique and only you know what they mean.

lucid dream

So, now I still remember saying that Lucid Dream can make you millions? There have been many people who make money from lucid dreams, and James Cameron is one of them. He was the one who made the film Avatar (the blue creature, not the bald one) and if you look at it, the plot of the film is very similar to Lucid Dreaming. He used lucid dream as a place to imagine and work on his films! Imagine what would happen if all novelists and writers knew this - especially those who write fantasy genre novels.

Here it is all the benefits of a lucid dream. Let us know what the benefits of Lucid Dream are for you below!

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