The Ins and Outs of Legal Translation

Posted by Dunia Legal Translation on February 18th, 2021

What's a lawful interpretation?

Any translation under the jurisdiction of the justice system is a legal translation.

The civil and criminal justice systems require a number of types of documents. There are also documents which are not legal in nature but are to be used as proof. Translations of these documents are not usually treated as "legal translation," but as such they must be treated.

Legal Translation Examples

The number of examples for the different kinds of documents is almost infinite, which are normally not legal translations but can become one by necessity in certain situations.

The most popular legal documents include passports, immigration documents, marriage certificates, certificates of death, birth, final laws and testaments, powers of attorney, phone records, police interviews, court papers, contracting documents, complaints, convictions, convocation, law cases, trusts, partnership acts, property, etc. The common documents are also available for legal translation.

Making Legal Translation Official

Professional translation agencies like #Duniatranslation will also be able to certify and/or notarize the complete legal enforcement of their translations. Some companies will differentiate between what they consider to be certified and notarized, while others do not. The people who do this will define a certified translation as having, but not notarized an accompanying document which confirms its correctness or validity. All accuracy certificates are notarized by other agencies.

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