Why Forced Air Heaters?

Posted by AldoMoore on February 4th, 2015

Forced air heating units are increasing in popularity nowadays. They are durable and energy efficient. They also distribute the heat evenly throughout your home. These are just two among the many advantages these units have in store for you. Given below is an overview of some of them.

Benefits of forced air heaters

A forced air heater offers you the following benefits.

  1. 1.       Affordability

The cost of installing a forced air heater is much less when compared to the others of the kind. Besides, a single unit is enough to take care of the heat requirements of an entire home. All you need to do is to clean the filters and ductworks at regular intervals. It is true that you have to replace the filters every year. But, they would not cost you more than $30.

  1. 2.       Energy efficiency

If you are concerned of your growing energy bill, you will definitely go for this type of heater. It works based on combustion allowing faster response than its other variants. A forced air heating system from a reputed company is known to be the best way to warm up a home. When combined with zoning and a programmable thermostat, you are helped to heat only those rooms you use. This will definitely have a positive impact on your fuel expenditure.

  1. 3.       Adaptability

These units work smoothly along with the other appliances in your home. For instance, if you have a centralized air conditioning system, you are not required to replace it to go well with a forced air heating system.  Besides, they are available at differing price-range. Each type comes with its own benefits. You just have to determine what your home lacks and go for the one designed to compensate for it.

  1. 4.       Utmost safety

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious concern you have to address when going for a gas appliance. This trouble gets minimized if you go for a forced air heater. The large networks of filters make sure that all the harmful bi-products are sent to the outside as fast as possible. These filters also safeguard your home from dust and other allergens.


All these benefits come to you at a cost of certain minor compromises. The following are some of the small adjustments you have to make to enjoy the warmth this unit offers.

  • Noise: Quiet operation is almost impossible for a forced air heating unit. The level depends on the quantity of air the fan has to push to get the heater to work. Installing silencers on the ductworks can help. But, this may force the fans to work hard leading to an increase in your energy bill.
  • Cleaning can cost a lot: The air filters are there to keep the home environment fresh and clean. But, if dust or insects get into the ductwork, you will need professional assistance to tackle the issue. This is going to cost you hundreds of dollars.

Even with these small issues, forced air heaters remain the favorite of environment-conscious homeowners. To compare prices and specifications go to Heater Store and check unit from Master Heaters, All-Pro, Mr. Heater or Heatstar heaters. Order at this link.

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