Maintaining Healthy Lifestyle Even When Luck Plays a Role in Developing Cancer

Posted by Lewisvilleflower on February 4th, 2015

There are surely those cancer patients – we all know them – who have lived a life completely by the book in terms of taking care of themselves; who are poster children for a healthy lifestyle. They don’t smoke – maybe never even did, drink in moderation, exercise religiously, wear sunscreen every day, and eat as healthy as possible (think organic, non-GMO, whole foods, etc.). And yet, they still got cancer. It makes no sense. They don’t even have a family history of the disease. Why would cancer strike a person so committed to keeping it at bay on every level? And yet skip the person who has only seemed committed to physical self-sabotage?


The answer is hard to come up with because ultimately there is no answer. We know a lot about how cancer develops but we for sure don’t know everything. There is an unfortunate – and unfair – randomness to the disease that can leave people feeling very vulnerable and asking what the point is of trying to stay healthy when the development of cancer is out of their hands.


Experts agree that there is a luck factor associated with developing cancer and over that we have no control. In a recent study performed by John Hopkins, it was determined that over half of cancers develop due to a “random” mutation of cells. But continuing to live a healthy life is still the best method for being proactive against cancer. This includes quitting smoking as soon as possible if you currently smoke, exercising on a regular basis, adopting a diet of whole, unprocessed foods that are free of pesticides and other chemicals, maintaining a healthy weight, wearing sunscreen on a regular basis, and staying committed to recommended cancer screenings.


In staying in charge of our own health we are able to – at the very least – minimize our risks for developing certain types of cancers and a host of other diseases.


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