A comparison between Felgo vs. Flutter Vs. React Native

Posted by Bacancy Technology on February 18th, 2021

     A comparison between Felgo vs. Flutter Vs. React Native   


Nowadays we are surrounded by smartphone and application and they are making our life easy by providing smoothing in the work so today we can say mobile application became necessary and developers can work more on it to enhance and develop the application so my intention to write this blog is to aware about you to using of right Cross-platform and Framework in the selection of react-native vs flutter, Felgo vs. Flutter vs. React Native. 


Firstly we are going to compare React Native Vs Flutter. 

React Native: React Native most liked Framework by developers with dynamic language from the developer's perspective it is easy to learn and implement. Most of the developers are working on the React native because of its easy to use features and implementation In comparison QML and Dart have the same capabilities but less used by developers  

Supporting Tools for text editors 

  •  VS code
  • Subline
  • Atom 

Flutter: Flutter is the Free and open-source platform created by Google with high productivity and single code base benefits. It helps to develop applications for Android, Linux, Ios, Mac, Windows, with a high User Interface and control overview. Flutter is considered widgets with features like reusable code and developer friendliness. 

Development Tools. When we are comparing React Native Vs Flutter there are many similarities in tools but we can use them as per our requirement. 


  • VS Code 
  • Android Studio 


We see the comparison between the React Native and Flutter but Felgo is one that beating both of them and also have some feature which is liked by developers So let's talk about Flego is the top featured IDE with popular QT creator, UI editor with the best facility of the drag and drop that supports Live reloading. May you find this article interesting if you want to learn more about click on the React Native vs Flutter



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