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Posted by TTDigitals India on February 18th, 2021

Have you ever thought about whether my company’s advertisement comes in between online videos I watch or online games I play? In the era of cashless and digital payments, it’s time that the marketing of the company also gets digital. Now, with TTDigitals, this is possible.

TTDigital is a leading name in terms of Digital Marketing Company in India. The company has many skilled, creative, and innovative employees intending to give their utmost to customers. 


Nowadays, Digital Marketing is on the march. From a baby feeding on a bottle to an adult using a dipper, everyone is on high use of the internet. Anything can be done by sitting at home, from paying bills to order food. 

Digital marketing uses the internet and digital technologies to promote products and services as people are increasingly using digital devices rather than visiting stores.

Digitalization is always time-consuming and pocket friendly. It improves efficiency and productivity.


Digital marketing is almost similar to physical marketing, with some fundamental changes and additions. The main difference is the platform where marketing is done. Digital marketing is done through online campaigns, promotional blogs, advertisements, presence on Google maps, social media handles, YouTube channel, Facebook pages, etc., with other fundamental changes and additions. Companies don’t have to rely on newspapers, pamphlets, hoardings, etc. 

Digital Marketing companies in Pune like TTDigitals include graphic designing and website development into Digital Marketing packages for a convenient workflow.

In the era of high-competition, marketing strategies should be fast and convenient for new product launches, news offer schemes, and advertisements. The digital market is the solution to all such requirements. 

With digitalization, a company’s marketing will rule all over the internet platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, online gaming platforms, etc.


In a year like 2020, no one has not faced problems in their business life. A year full of economic recession worldwide; what we need is a platform to boost our businesses. This year will be proved revolutionary for the most remarkable boost in internet platforms and the business turning online. 

Social distancing has closed almost all physical marketing platforms. People prefer to read news online rather than purchasing a newspaper. 

A state like Maharashtra is in high need of Digital Marketing. With an increasing number of cases and the economy is facing a downfall. Maharashtra is a habitat of various start-ups, small and medium traditional companies, and even big companies.

Companies are in extreme need of a pocket-friendly marketing strategy. As marketing is essential for them, they can’t afford to show their products on television screens with highly paid actors. 

Companies need a professional involved in Digital Marketing services who holds the key to driving your brand online.


Every lock has a key; every problem has a solution. Maharashtra, the city of dreams and India’s financial capital, has the solution to every problem. It shares a common breeding ground for start-ups, entrepreneurship, and small and large businesses. 

There are hundreds of Digital Marketing consultancy offices. You can find it anywhere. But what do they work for? Are they beneficial to your company? Do they satisfy all your requirements, including your budget?

It would be best to consider this question to yourself and the company itself to protect your hard-earned money.

Here we are with the solution to your confusion.

TTDigitals is a digital marketing company in India that has solutions to all your problems. They have reliable and hardworking individuals who consider their client’s problems as their own and support them to come up with flying colors. They aim to shift small and medium local businesses online and generate leads through the new way of living: The Internet.

TTDigitals in Maharashtra has its back from 2016. The founder Mr. Hririshikesh Deshmukh started this company to help individuals from local businesses with small, medium, or large expansion and adjust accordingly.

They have already served 257 companies, including MIT Pune, one of India’s most leading private institutions.


Digital Marketing 

Search Engine Optimization

Web Design and development

Branding and Creativity

Content Marketing

Social Media marketing 

Web hosting


TTDigitals aims to provide all-around digital support for businesses in Maharashtra. TTDigital is the only one who thinks about its customers’ upliftment and not about just their profits. They aim to provide an online platform to all the local and small businesses at economical rates.

TTDigitals paved its path from Latur, a 2-tier city in Maharashtra, with a clear vision to hold the leading spotlight in Digital marketing service providers in Maharashtra.

They aim to set their foot in Maharashtra’s other cities and help individuals with digital needs with hands-on experience for three years.

TTDigitals have now expanded their servers. Once a company with only a founder has now reached 15+ employees. Every employee is certified in their respective fields. They have already helped 200+ companies and fixed their digital requirements. Created 100+ websites and signed 300+ projects, which flourished with flying colors.


“Every problem is an opportunity in disguise.”

This quote truly lines with the high-spirited hired hands of TTDigitals. COVID-19 made businesses understand the power and utility of Digital Media and the value of expertise people needed to boom the economy. TTDigitals also started with their Digital Marketing academy providing practical knowledge of the skills they possess.


In the era of the internet, everything is digitalized then why not marketing. Digital marketing can work for any business in any industry. Digital marketing still involves building buyer personas to identify your audience’s needs and create valuable online content. 

TTDigitals is a pronounced name in the market of Digital Marketing companies in India.

TTDigitals aims to provide the required digital marketing tools to help a company build its online presence from scratch. They also run an analysis to figure out the present situation’s needs, which forms a basic running digital model of the campaigns about to be published.

They aim to digitize all the business at an economical cost. And fulfill all their digital requirements


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