Simple Concept and Principles of Solar Panels - How Do Solar Panels Really Funct

Posted by sanny111 on February 5th, 2015

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A solar panel can be a device that uses energy in the sun and converts it into other forms of energy that humans consume for a variety of purposes. Solar panels utilize solar cells. A famous type of solar panel, also known as the photovoltaic panel, uses light energy from the sun and converts it into electricity. A further type of solar panel may be the solar thermal power panel which can be a form of solar energy storage. And of course, one particular of the extra popular and highly useful forms of solar panels may be the solar hot water panel which heats water with power coming in the sun.
In order to understand how solar panels perform, one must be familiar with all the composition of a solar panel. For instance, the photovoltaic panel is produced up of interconnected photovoltaic or solar cells. Solar cells are devices produced from silicon that has the property to convert solar energy into other forms such as electrical energy and heat energy. When these solar cells are packaged with each other either via wiring or fastened installation, they become 1 solid panel. For protection, the panel may be covered with fiberglass, plastic, or even metal.
Solar panels operate within a way that may be simplified into to actions: light absorption and power conversion. Solar cells are light-absorbing materials and they have high energy conversion capabilities. The silicon contained within the solar cells of a solar panel makes light absorption possible. The sun's rays emit photons and these are then absorbed by the silicon atoms.
Silicon has the property to create electrical energy if it can be bonded with a further element that could produce the positive charge needed. Naturally, silicon has four electrons. In order to generate electricity, silicon atoms must be paired with an element that can knock off the extra electrons and make room for a positive charge. The photon coming from the sun ensures just that.
And so, when the sun's photons are absorbed by the silicon atoms, the atomic composition with the solar panel is arranged in such a way that electricity is generated. This energy is then passed on to installed electrical wiring within the solar panel right down to the energy generating device connected thereto.
In summary, solar panels perform in such a way that it acts as connector and power transformer involving the sun and whatever purpose man has for the sun's power. It acts as a middleman of sorts. The sun gives off its photons via its rays, as well as the solar panel absorbs these through its solar cells. The light absorbed is then converted into electricity within the solar panel device and it truly is passed on through a power generating device that makes possible whatever use the solar panel must serve: may it be for solar power, heat energy, or uncomplicated electrical energy.
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